Yes, Richard Madden’s eyes unequivocally are that blue IRL — not only in ‘Cinderella’

March 13, 2015 - photo frame

LOS ANGELES — Some things are too blue to be true. Richard Madden’s eye tone is apparently not one.

There is something eerily cobalt about a Cinderella (and former Game of Thrones) star’s eyes in a Disney film. Especially in a above photo, that shows Madden smiling, those irises and teeth radiate like sapphires and ivory, and it’s like he’s some fairytale Prince Charming or something. Jeez.

But here’s a thing. They’re real.

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In a time when each support of each vital film is retouched, tone corrected and scrubbed purify of all tellurian imperfection, we have it on good management that Madden conjunction wore colored contacts, nor were his eyes given any special diagnosis in post-production. That’s only how he is.

“He looks like a White Walker,” one contributor who had only returned from interviewing Madden during a Cinderella trip told me, after swooning about a Scottish actor’s accent, wit and attract in spades, as good as his suacy chemistry with co-star Lily James. Yep, there’s no Fifty Shades of Frosty, here:

Richard Madden, Lily James

Richard Madden and Lily James plead Cinderella during AOL Studios on Mar 9.

Image: Evan Agostini/Invision/Associated Press

Madden sported his baby blues when he played Robb Stark on GoT, though since of a show’s pale tone palette, we only never got to see them in full daunt mode. Like here, during that one marriage thingy:


Richard Madden had totally normal, human-looking eyes in Game of Thrones.

A closer demeanour in genuine life supports a central association line: Those elegant peepers are formed in reality.

Richard Madden

A close-up of Richard Madden’s … gulp.

Image: Evan Agostini/Invision/Associated Press

The initial central rejection that Madden’s eyes were altered came from executive Kenneth Branagh, who insisted during Cinderella press interviews that a “colored contacts” speculation was out.

“He was not wearing blue hit lenses,” Branagh said. “He has very, really distinguished blue eyes, and when beautifully illuminated by [cinematographer] Haris Zambarloukos, these make for a really clever impact.”

When we pulpy Disney about a some-more expected probability that Madden’s eye tone got a boost in post-production, a company’s rejection was undeniable (as it was with progressing accusations that James’ waistline was taken in a bit, that both a singer and studio deny).

So there we have it. In this angel tale, during least, what we see is what we get:

Can we trust how unreal Richard Madden’s eyes are? We’d adore to hear your thoughts in a comments, below.

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