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June 26, 2016 - photo frame

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This DIY design support is a many darling and utterly presumably a easiest plan we will ever do. It is really simple, though a finish outcome is so overwhelming friends will consider we had it professionally made.

With only a few equipment and a discerning hour, we can emanate a picture-framed memory ideal for your home or for present giving.

First, confirm on a distance of a design we wish and have it enlarged. Most bureau supply stores will do this for a favoured assign of about $5. Be certain to use a good quality, high-resolution print so it won’t pixilate and spin blurry. For a project, we used a print taken by a veteran photographer and had it lengthened to 24-by-24-inches.

Next, accumulate your supplies. You will need 4 strips of wood, paint, complicated twine, thwart tape, screws and a screw driver.

For a frame, we used 4 pieces of ¾-inch poplar timber cut to 25 inches. You wish to have about a ½-inch overhang on any side of a picture. Your internal hardware store will cut a timber into strips for we if we ask nicely.

To give a support a weathered, country look, we gave it a discerning cloak of gray chalk-type paint with a rinse of white on a top.

Once a paint on a timber strips dries, take dual of them and spin them over.

Use thwart fasten to secure a design (face down) to a behind of a wood.

Then, tie dual vast knots in a finish of a weave and secure it with fasten to a board. This will be what a design hangs from, so make certain it is a distance that fits your wall.

The final step is to take a remaining dual strips of timber (painted side up) and secure them onto a other pieces of wood, sandwiching a design between them. We used tiny screws, towering them along a timber to keep it from splitting.

That is it. You have only combined a memory that will final a lifetime. Turn your design over and hang it on a wall and enjoy.

This DIY design support creates a good gift. Give an lengthened category design to a favorite teacher. Grandparents will adore this, or even emanate a discerning wedding/anniversary gift.

Salvaged to Sassy would like to appreciate Leslie Clagg Photography for a use of this pleasing photograph.

Lesa Smith is a owners of Salvaged to Sassy, a emporium for excellent selected home decor, seat paint and more. S2S is located during 2120 Pennsylvania Ave. in Charleston. Be certain and stop by their arriving Vintage Shopping Extravaganza, Jul 28 to 30 for selected finds. Find out some-more by visiting them on Facebook.

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