Wundershine ‘smart’ frames are like an present Polaroid for wall art

February 17, 2015 - photo frame

Changing wall art can be a hassle, though a Dutch association called Wundershine is aiming to make it an easier duty around a new framing system, mixing both analog and digital technologies to emanate a seamless process.

Wundershine’s judgment revolves around a 17 x 7-inch wooden support – called a Reframe – with a 9 x 9-inch opening, and distinct an LCD digital imitation support that arrangement digital images, Reframe contains an “automatic ride mechanism,” that is fundamentally a automatic rolling complement that lets we feed – from a tip – standard-sized, printed photos or artwork. The support is battery-powered, and it’s as easy to hang on a wall as unchanging frames. Wundershine says a battery lasts 200 “reframes” before it needs to be recharged.

When it’s time to change out a print, a aged imitation spits out from a bottom when a new one is fed. The prints are done regulating thermal tone printing, that heats special paper to exhibit a tone molecules that are embedded.


You can supplement images to your Wundershine queue, possibly from your smartphone’s camera hurl or services like Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr.

Unfortunately, since it uses special paper and thermal printing, we can’t emanate your possess art regulating an inkjet printer during home. You will need to sequence prints from a association by adding digital images into a queue, regulating Wundershine’s app for iOS or Android (this is where a analog record meets digital).

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The association claims a resolution is elementary since all prints are standard-sized and it is easy to barter out images during a whim, compared to normal process of carrying to distance your art and stealing a backing, etc. Wundershine says it is a improved choice to LCD design frames, that it says are small, expensive, cumbersome, and energy hungry. It says thermal prints are also cleaner than ones done with ink.

The app supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF files, and while we can upload images of any dimension, a app provides a template for gathering a picture into a ideal square. (Since it’s printed artwork, we should upload high-resolution images; a app supports files up to 5MB.) You can also daub into your Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr accounts from a Wundershine app, and a designed store lets we buy reward or giveaway calm (you can also emanate your possess art regulating any third-party app, and trade it into a Wundershine app). At launch, Wundershine says a complement will be optimized for a smartphone apps, though it skeleton to offer a Web app as well. Each Reframe comes with a 10-free-prints coupon, and any successive imitation costs $2.


Besides copy your possess photos and artwork, we can buy reward or giveaway calm from Wundershine’s store.

Reframe is Wundershine’s affordable system, though it’s also building a DIY chronicle that puts a thermal printer inside a frame, and vouchsafing we imitation instantly. Called a Makerframe, it is radically a Reframe though with a printer and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth networking capabilities. From a app queue, we can send a imitation pursuit from a smartphone, and Makerframe will imitation a picture onto vacant paper ($20 for a container of 10 sheets, $50 for 3 packs) we feed into it. The battery can hoop 50 prints before it needs to be recharged. Wundershine is also operative on a remote government feature, permitting we to, say, send a imitation to relatives’ Makerframe (all they need to do is feed a paper). And since a tone molecules are in a paper, it doesn’t need inks. However, a Makerframe is still in development, and Wundershine says it won’t boat until 2016.


Wundershine consists of dual opposite frames, both regulating an programmed feeding system. Reframe (left) lets we barter out design we sequence from Wundershine, while a Makerframe (right) has a built-in tone thermal printer that lets we imitation instantly.

If we like Wundershine’s present wall art concept, we can preorder possibly support now. Reframe costs $60, and is accessible in natural, whitewash, and black wood. It will boat in tumble 2015. Makerframe costs $180, and is accessible in a same finishes, but, again, it won’t boat until 2016. The frames also come with colored card boxes that let we repository prints. The preorder prices are for early adopters, and will boost to $86 and $258 during retail, respectively.

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