Wundershine is a Picture Frame System with a Built-in Thermal Printer

February 6, 2015 - photo frame

Wundershine is a new Dutch association that’s perplexing to change how we perspective and correlate with wall-mounted design frames. They’re operative on an ecosystem formed around a product famous as a Makerframe, a wooden design support that can imitation and frame your photos regulating a built-in thermal printer.

To fill a support with a new photograph, we simply lamp a picture to a support regulating a iOS or Android smartphone app, insert a vacant square of thermal tone imitation paper into one side of a frame, and voila! Your new imitation will magically reinstate a prior picture in a frame.

Each square of thermal imitation paper measures 23x23cm (~9x9in) and costs $20 for a container of 10 or $50 for a container of 30. There are no cords in a system, and a rechargeable battery in a Makerframe can final 50 prints before wanting a recharge.

Previously printed prints can also be ejected from a Makerframe, that opens a doorway to a other products in a ecosystem…

If you’d like to simply support your Makerframe imitation but carrying to buy another imagination printer-equipped frame, there’s a apart support called a Reframe. It’s matching in coming to a Makerframe, solely all it does is take in and separate out prints — it doesn’t have a thermal printer for indeed creation a prints.

For people who don’t caring about copy photos themselves, prints can be systematic by a Wundershine website and shipped.

Finally, a Wundershine complement also has a collection of colorful card boxes for storing your prints when they’re not being displayed in one of a frames.

Wundershine is formulation to launch a Reframe to a open in a tumble of 2015 and a Makerframe in early 2016. You can preorder them for $60 and $180, respectively, over on a Wundershine website. Available colors are natural, white, and black.

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