Wundershine blends imitation and digital for peculiar print frame

February 5, 2015 - photo frame

Remember Digital Picture Frames? Maybe we even have one during home or during a office. While positively engaging gadgets, a no. 1 Problem with them is a battery, or carrying nauseous cables regulating all along a walls. What about unchanging design frames? It is a large con to change a pictures, right? Well, that is about to change interjection to an innovative association in a Netherlands, called Wundershine. They believed they could come adult with a improved resolution to both of those problems. The formula of a investigate is called a Makerframe.

Although Not accessible until a Fall, this innovative Frame will be means to imitation your images with a built-in inkless thermal printer and barter them out regulating a built-in framing mechanism. The complement consists of 3 parts: The Picture Frame itself, a mobile App, and some charming storage boxes for storing your prints.

According to a makers:

“The Wundershine System creates it really easy to keep your home flashy with uninformed cinema in stylish frames. Use a App to support a new design in seconds”


The complement seems to be utterly easy to use. You insert a special paper around a feeding resource during a tip of a support (much like inserting a CD), name a subsequent design to be displayed in your reserve around a app, and send a design to a frame. It is afterwards printed and a prior design is ejected during a bottom for archiving. Since a printer uses thermal colour copy technology, we never need ink cartridges, ribbons, or toner.

The complement will be accessible around Fall this year (2015), though we can conduct over to a Wundershine Site to pre-order, or to squeeze a Makerframe’s “little” brother; a Reframe. It has a same technology, though but a built-in printer.

SOURCE Wundershine

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