Wozniacki still in support for lapse to No. 1, 6 years later

January 19, 2018 - photo frame

Denmark's Caroline Wozniacki celebrates after defeating Kiki Bertens

Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki celebrates after defeating Kiki Bertens of a Netherlands in their third turn compare during a Australian Open tennis championships in Melbourne, Australia, Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018. (AP Photo/Dita Alangkara) Photo Credit: AP

MELBOURNE, Australia – (AP) — Caroline Wozniacki had only been beaten by Kim Clijsters in a 2012 Australian Open quarterfinals, causing her to remove her No. 1 ranking on a WTA Tour, and she had some fighting words.

“I will get it behind eventually, so I’m not worried,” she said. “The media talks to me like I’m finished … a fact is we still have utterly a few good years in front of me.”

Fast brazen to this year’s Australian Open, where Wozniacki’s win in a third turn on Friday leaves her with a possibility to recover a No. 1 ranking — 6 years later.

If so, it would be a longest opening between stints during a tip given a WTA’s mechanism rankings were introduced in 1975. She competence take some condolence from a fact that a stream longest strain between players returning to No. 1 is hold by Serena Williams during 5 years, 29 days.

The 27-year-old Wozniacki also faced critique during her initial stay during No. 1 — that enclosed year-end tip rankings in 2010 and 2011 — that she’d never won a major, distinct Williams’ stream 23. And that hasn’t altered either.

Maybe this year.

On Friday, dual days after she came behind from a 5-1 necessity and saved dual compare points in a third set to kick Jana Fett in a second round, she had a 6-4, 6-3 win over Kiki Bertens that wasn’t though late drama, both with shutting out a match, and with her critique of a chair umpire.

Wozniacki had to save 4 mangle points while portion for a compare though clinched it on her fourth compare point.

After entrance so tighten to being knocked out of a tournament, she sounded like a gambler with income in her pocket.

“Right now, personification with residence money,” Wozniacki pronounced in an on-court radio interview. “Nothing to lose. we got a second chance. I’m only going to try and take it and see how distant we can go.”

Wozniacki wasn’t happy with chair referee Renaud Lichtenstein. She had complained about a few line calls, and that a justice was sleazy in several areas.

“I’ve never had this man before … though we consider he did a bad pursuit today,” Wozniacki said. “If a justice is wet, we consider it’s normal to ask for a towel. we don’t consider someone needs to be rude, and we told him so. we consider there were some controversial calls, as well.”

Watching from Wozniacki’s support territory was former NBA actor David Lee. In November, a former New York Knicks brazen due to her during a holiday on a French Polynesian island of Bora Bora.

“All I’ll contend is it was a surprise, it was amazing,” Wozniacki pronounced progressing this week of Lee’s proposal. “Had a best off-season. We had a good time roving a small bit, exploring some new places. we was unequivocally recharged when we finally got behind on a justice again.”

Perhaps adequate to get her behind to No. 1.


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