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January 4, 2018 - photo frame

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Rising 150 meters from Dubai’s Zabeel Park, a “World’s Largest Picture Frame” has strictly non-stop in a UAE. Known as a Dubai Frame, a structure is a latest in a city’s line of eye-catching megaprojects, charity adult breathtaking views of a skyline while framing views of iconic buildings such as a Burj Khalifa for visitors and residents all opposite a city.

Nearly a decade after it was initial proposed, visitors can now rise a structure to a 93-meter-long observation bridge, that facilities a glass-floored walkways and full-height views out to a aged city of Deira to a north and a skyscrapers of Sheikh Zayed Road toward a south. A neon ‘vortex’ hovel will afterwards chaperon visitors into an interactive, protracted existence muster on a story and destiny of a city.  

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The plan has not come but controversy, however – final year, it was suggested that a design might have been used but a agree of a strange architect.

Learn some-more about a story, here.

Dubai Frame Approaches Completion Amid Allegations of Stolen Intellectual Property

Dubai’s newest mega-attraction, a 150-meter-high, 93-meter-wide design support structure dubbed a “Dubai Frame” is coming execution after a scarcely two-year delay, and is set for opening in a second half of this year.

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