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November 26, 2015 - photo frame

MIAMI, Fla., Nov. 25, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — around PRWEB – World Patent Marketing, a plumb integrated manufacturer and operative of law products, announces a 3D Magnetic EZ Frame, a technological invention that provides a singular and aesthetically appreciative approach to arrangement photographs.

“Picture Framing Stores in a US make about $2 billion per year,” says Scott Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing. “While prepared done frames, print frames, and crafting supply make adult 40% of a annual revenue, 60% still comes from tradition frames. People wish something engaging and singly their possess to arrangement in their homes or places of work.”

“People adore displaying photographs during home to be reminded of special moments in their lives,” says Jerry Shapiro, Director of Manufacturing and World Patent Marketing Reviews. “Unfortunately, these photos are customarily placed in unchanging looking frames that do not do probity to a images. The 3D Magnetic EZ Frame is a technological invention that will change how we arrangement a noted photos and documents.”

The 3D Magnetic EZ Frame is a technological invention that helps showcase photos and papers in a graphic and conspicuous manner. Pictures placed inside normal frames are infrequently ignored since it does not locate a courtesy of a viewer. This invention provides photos with a 3D-like effect, interjection to a stretchable pure background. All that is indispensable is to trip a preferred print or request inside a support body. The design will afterwards impersonate a winding figure of a frame, so completing a 3D effect.

“World Patent Marketing has a really conspicuous teamwork in place,” says contriver Sharon S. “They are so really minute and communication oriented that we have felt they have been dedicated to a accurate illustration of my Invention with a good enterprise to get it to a Market ASAP. we know anyone who invests in this product for a singular EZ print arrangement – either it be for personal/business/sports/nature or for whatever reason – will be vacant and also be grateful WPM assisted me removing this overwhelming product to a market.”

Christina Nelson, a home builder and humanities and crafts fan from Las Vegas, NV, has this to contend about a 3D Magnetic EZ Frame: “I suffer displaying things during home that offer as engaging conversational pieces. The 3D Magnetic EZ Frame tickles my imagination since it allows me to arrangement my family photos in a singular and dainty manner.”

The 3D Magnetic EZ Frame adds a artistic hold to how people arrangement their photos and other critical documents. With this invention, cinema and artworks are really some-more engaging to demeanour at.


World Patent Marketing is an creation incubator, a manufacturer of law products and a obvious selling company. The association is damaged into 8 handling divisions: Research, Patents, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Retail, Web Apps, Social Media and Capital Ventures.

World Patent Marketing is by your side each step of a way, utilizing a collateral and knowledge to protect, prepare, and make your new product thought and get it out to a market. Get a obvious with World Patent Marketing and a association will send member to to trade shows each month in sequence to serve disciple for a clients. It is only partial of a world obvious selling cost of doing business.


World Patent Marketing Complaints from clients are intensely singular that is demonstrated by a A+ rating with a Better Business Bureau and a 5 star ratings from consumer examination sites including: Consumer Affairs, Google, Trustpilot, Customer Lobby, Reseller Ratings, Yelp and My3Cents.

World Patent Marketing is also a unapproachable member of a National Association of Manufacturers, Duns and Bradstreet, a US Chamber of Commerce, a South Florida Chamber of Commerce, a Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Association for Manufacturing Excellence, and a New York Inventor Exchange. Visit a website. Contact us during (888) 926-8174 (US Eastern Time) or email bill(at)worldpatentmarketing(dot)com.

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