Williamsburg production clergyman moonlights as astrophotographer …

July 26, 2017 - photo frame

During a propagandize year, Christopher Becke can be found training production during Warhill High. After dusk, he shifts his concentration ceiling toward a astronomical bodies that dot a sky.

The Williamsburg proprietor has total his adore of astronomy with some educated photography tricks to benefit a tiny online following. Becke’s work has been featured in news stories by CNN and The Washington Post, and he has been retweeted by Star Trek actor William Shatner.

Becke pronounced his seductiveness in astronomy goes behind years, and he started with a tiny telescope. He has no grave astronomy education, other than what he gifted while removing his undergraduate production grade during Brandeis University.

Astrophotography began to hang in May 2014 when he began joining on Twitter with like-minded people.