Wide Angle gallery fits right support in Medina

September 16, 2014 - photo frame

Dream realized

Dream realized

Gallery owners Noelle Wiedemer and Kim Keil of Medina pronounced a thought for a downtown excellent humanities gallery has been in their minds for 15 years. Their dream became a existence this month. (Jim Krencik/Daily News)

Grand opening

Grand opening

Artisans and village members filled a Wide Angle Art Gallery’s grand opening Saturday. The Main Street gallery and seminar facilities paintings, photographs and  inventive pieces like a dress done from Wegman’s receipts. (Jim Krencik/Daily News)

Showcase space

Showcase space

The gallery’s grand opening was a showcase for internal artists like Dave Weideman of Buffalo and Grace Flores of Medina, whose photographs lined a north wall of a gallery. (Jim Krencik/Daily News)

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Wide Angle gallery fits right support in Medina

By Jim Krencik

The Daily News Online


MEDINA — The Wide Angle Art Gallery’s grand opening was design ideal for owners Noelle Wiedemer and Kim Keil.

The duo, who’ve envisioned their possess excellent humanities gallery for 15 years, non-stop their Main Street gallery Sept. 5. It greeted an active throng Saturday as Wiedemer, Keil and a organisation of curated artists displayed a fruits of their labors.

Wiedemer pronounced a gallery, that will lease wall space to internal artists, is seeking to benefaction a reduction of styles and art forms.

“It will be a clear brew … whatever we can fit in a door,” she joked. “We’re looking for pieces that are beautiful, that can be anything from a domestic matter to something tiny and singular … whatever strikes a interest.”

The walls of their slight storefront were lined with photographs, paintings and churned media works. More resourceful pieces like a mannequin wearing a dress done from profits mingled within a crowd.

Grace Flores, a Medina High School student, was among those whose work was displayed during a gallery. Her photographs are a brew of candids of her sister and opposite perspectives of unchanging objects.

Her favorite was “Refresh,” a sunset-lit print of H2O in motion.

“I took it on accident, my father was throwing a bucket of water,” she said. “I was astounded it was in focus.”

Flores’ work was bordered by photographs taken by Dave Weideman of Buffalo, who pronounced he’s worked his approach from black and white and a darkroom to digital.

“I like to uncover my creativity,” Weideman said. “I mark things we like and afterwards work to get a design to where we like it.”

The gallery is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays, though a second-floor studio workspace will be open some-more mostly for classes and artists’ use.

On Saturday, a owners’ personal art and a span of customary poodles greeted visitors. Wiedemer pronounced they’ll horde classes trimming from single-session portrayal days to longer projects.

Keil pronounced her credentials as an methodical chemist would tone her classes, like one on separating colors and display a components of a tone black.

“I’ve always appreciated song and art,” she said. “I’ll do some practice blending art and science.”

Attendees of Saturday’s jubilee found it strike a right notes, including a opening by The Flobonetes, a woodwind garb from Middleport.

Jamie LaPierre, who came with her father from Getzville to a opening, pronounced a views, though in support and out, were a treat.

“I favourite a photos of aged architectural styles,” LaPierre said. “And a peacock blue wall. It’s a small intolerable entrance into a storefront, though it all opens up.”


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