Why we should never use Windex to purify design frames

September 12, 2017 - photo frame

You adore displaying prints and photos, though do we know a right approach to purify musical frames and a potion inside them?

Jennifer Ickes, conduct registrar for a New Orleans Museum of Art, certain does. Over a march of her 20 years during NOMA, she’s spotless her satisfactory share of them. She passes along these insider tips for cleaning like a museum pro.

To purify potion fronts:

Glass fronts are mostly coated to forestall glisten and strengthen opposite UV light. Unless you’re a framing professional, we substantially can’t tell by if potion has cloaking only by looking during it. Since ammonia-based potion cleaners (like unchanging Windex) can repairs these coatings, play it protected and purify all potion fronts as if they were coated.

  • Remove a design from a wall and place it on a prosaic aspect to clean.
  • Lightly mist a ammonia-free potion cleaner on a microfiber cloth (regular or made-for-glass). NEVER mist directly onto a potion as it could trickle underneath a corner of a support and repairs a imitation or artwork.
  • Gently purify a potion in a round motion, creation certain to get into a corners.

E-Cloth Glass and Polishing cloth, $5, Amazon


Ammonia-Free Windex, $13, Amazon


To purify acrylic fronts:

Ickes recommends cleaning tough cosmetic or acrylic frames, try Novus cleaner. It doesn’t blemish and it leaves a gleam that resists fogging and fingerprints, repels dirt and eliminates immobile that attracts dust.

  • Remove a design from a wall and place it on a prosaic aspect to clean.
  • Apply a tiny volume of Novus cleaner to a microfiber cloth. Don’t use too most — a small goes a prolonged way.
  • Apply cleaner to acrylic front in round motions, creation certain to get into a corners.
  • Buff with a purify microfiber cloth.

Novus Plastic Clean and Shine, $8, Amazon


Note: Novus also creates scratch removers for acrylic. If we use it, Ickes advises that we do NOT re-use a same cloths to purify acrylic or potion after on. Debris does not rinse out of a cloths totally and leftover pieces might blemish surfaces. Re-purpose these cloths for reduction ethereal cleaning chores.

Other products for cleaning acrylic:

  • Brillianize: Alcohol- and ammonia-free, this regulation is protected for acrylic fronts and frames. Apply according to directions regulating a clean, made-for-glass microfiber cloth.
  • Novus Premium Polish Mates: Made for cleaning acrylic, cosmetic and glass, these disposable cloths discharge a risk of scratches from leftover disintegrating particles in reusable cloths.

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To purify complicated or antique frames:

  • For comparatively complicated frames (not antiques), Ickes recommends powdering with a dry microfiber cloth. For realistic spots, somewhat moderate with water, afterwards clean.
  • Older, antique frames or exuberant wooden frames (especially those with plaster/wood embellishments) are frail and should be dusted regulating a soft, fine-bristle brush (like a makeup brush). When powdering such frames during NOMA, Ickes does not concede a brush to hold a frame. Instead, she fast moves a brush over any area “creating air” that rises and removes dust. This keeps bristles from snagging pieces of musical smear or wood.

While it’s off a wall, take time to check a altogether condition of a framed artwork. Mark Rogers, owners of Frame Destination in Dallas suggests checking a following:

  • Look for fading, yellowing or changing colors on a picture/artwork. These prove possibly crude framing (in that case, reinstate a pad with acid-free components) or overexposure to object (move a imitation to a reduction balmy area and/or switch to UV-filtered acrylic or potion glazing).
  • Are hooks and wires secure? When replacing wire, use demeanour for vinyl-coated. It’s reduction expected to cut you.
  • Make certain protecting paper subsidy on timber frames is not in hit with a print/photo. Acid from a paper can means damage. Also, if there are gaps or tears, have a paper subsidy replaced.
  • The print/photo should not extend over a pad or hold a wood, given it’s acidic.
  • Has a design shifted out of place? If so, have it re-mounted.
  • Are mats archival? Are spacers in good condition? Both keep glazing from entrance in approach hit with a artwork. If they are missing, dusty out or cracked, have them replaced.
  • Are support corners tight-fitting? Are screws tight? Is a support plain and strong? If not, be certain to fix.

To equivocate a above issues, demeanour for CPF-certified design framers.

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