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August 5, 2017 - photo frame

KRISTEN HUNTER came adult with a thought for Whisky Frames after being incompetent to find a ideal present for her father Ross.

The span set adult a business with only £1000 of their possess assets in 2015.

Here Kristen, 35, creatively from Minnesota and who has lived in Scotland for a final 12 years, tells us about her operative day.

Can we tell us about your products?

I’ve designed any of a 5 frames, that are all done from casks performed from cooperages and directly from distilleries opposite Scotland.

Each barrel, that started life holding scotch before being used to mature whisky, is dusty before being incited into particular frames that are treated, sanded and varnished.

The frames can be personalised and all lift a singular series that, once inputted in to a website, provides a frame’s cask history.

What’s a story behind Whisky Frames?

The impulse for a frames came after a dog died and we wanted to buy Ross a support to reason a print of Tess. we couldn’t find anything we liked, so finished adult anticipating one in America done out of reclaimed stable wood.

That hunt done us realize there was a opening in a marketplace for gifts geared towards men. We afterwards came opposite an aged blockade cask in a deliver yard and Whisky Frames was born.

We invested unequivocally small to get a business off a belligerent – £1000 of a personal assets – and have grown it by tough work and resourcefulness.

Did we have another pursuit before environment adult your possess business?

I managed cafes in Edinburgh. Educated with a grade in interior pattern and a master of excellent arts, we regretted never building these skills some-more over a 10 years we was a specialty coffee emporium manager.

When we became profound with my second daughter, we saw this weirdly as an event to start my business.

I practical to Entrepreneurial Spark in Edinburgh and was accepted. This leap-frogged us and gave me a courage, support and fortify to only do it.

What assistance did we accept from Business Gateway?

When we motionless to unequivocally pull a business final October, we incited to Business Gateway Midlothian to see what assistance was accessible to us, as my husband’s other business had benefited from a operation of support in a past.

Our confidant has been fantastic. He’s introduced us to intensity stockists and is arranging support that will assistance us strengthen a business and hopefully buy serve machine so we can work some-more leanly.

We’d always envisaged exporting though not as quickly. Having odd products as good as new stockists, and with discussions underneath approach with another American retailer, we’re now looking to a confidant for serve support that will assistance us conduct seductiveness from abroad.

What’s a standard day like?

Juggling a immature family and a flourishing business means we are bustling all a time.

It’s pleasing chaos, from removing a girls’ breakfast while returning emails to creation large calls, fulfilling orders, profitable bills, patron caring and paperwork – all while a baby is crawling around your feet! However, we adore each bustling moment.

Favourite partial of a job?

I adore that we am means to spend time with my family while we work and that we can emanate an extraordinary home life balance.

Find out some-more about Whisky Frames during www.whiskyframes.com

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