Why we Love My 20mm Lens to Shoot Weddings

May 21, 2015 - photo frame

When starting out in marriage photography, one of a many common questions that gets asked is, “What lens is a contingency have for my initial wedding?” The many renouned answers to this doubt are all over a map. They operation from 50mm to 85mm to 70-200mm and so on. What we expected never see on a list is something like a 20mm lens, though for me, we will always have one of these lenses in my bag.

Throughout a marriage day, I’ll switch between several lenses, though a initial time we mangle out my wide-angle lens is during portraits with a bride and groom. When many people consider portraits, they consider parsimonious and up tie and personal in order to fill a frame. These are good and should always be a partial of what we broach to a client, however sometimes we need to be means to get a clarity of a stage for a good environmental portrait. If we are regulating a lens identical to an 85mm, we have a ability to step behind and embody your whole scene. The problem with this conditions is that it can lead to your theme being too tiny in a frame.

After holding a print above we knew we desired a plcae and a setup, though we wanted there to be some-more concentration on a couple. With a 20mm lens we knew we could make a integrate some-more accepted in a support while still including a bridges that creatively drew me to this location.

This is a good example because a integrate is station in a accurate same plcae as a initial image, however both images are significantly different. By changing your focal length and sharpened position, we can give a totally opposite demeanour to an picture though relocating your theme or lighting. This also gives a good instance to how a application comes into play when trade with opposite focal lengths. In a picture shot during 20mm a bridges seem some-more widespread out and serve divided from a couple. For a picture taken during 85mm, a bridges are some-more dense and seem closer to a couple.  

I also adore to take dramatic-style images that embody a poignant volume of sky. When sharpened a wide-angle lens I’m roughly always sharpened adult and my theme is customarily in a reduce half of a frame. we feel like this gives a spectator a clarity of awe, given they are looking adult to a couple.

One of a advantages of utilizing a wide-angle lens is that even when sharpened far-reaching open we are means to constraint fundamentally all in focus. The subsequent picture was taken during f/1.8 (on accident, given there was copiousness of light to stop down) though given we was sharpened during 20mm a integrate and building are all still in focus. Considering my surroundings, we also couldn’t behind adult any serve though stepping into traffic, so a 20mm lens was a customarily approach for me to have a whole building in a frame.

That’s not to contend we can’t constraint a few shoal abyss of margin effects to assistance besiege your subject. In this subsequent image, a forehead fact was significantly closer than my theme so we was still means to have that fact turn a pleasing out-of-focus fuzz that draws your eye into a support where a integrate is standing.

When we stop down to around f/5.6, it creates a lens ideal for run-and-gun sharpened where it can be formidable to keep adult with your subject. In this picture below, we was using alongside a integrate as they were withdrawal a church. we could conveniently support my shot, start shooting, and not have to worry too many about focusing on a integrate as they ran toward me. Mind you, this was me sharpened and using back down a stairs, not something we always recommend.

Once we arrive during a accepting location, we customarily have my 20mm lens glued to one camera body. Shooting far-reaching allows me constraint a good altogether shot of a venue. Then, from that indicate we use light to pull a viewer’s eye to a subject.

One of my favorite tools of a day is when a normal first-dances have ended, and a celebration dancing begins. Originally, when we initial started sharpened weddings, we would float around a outward of a dance floor. When we began sharpened with a 20mm lens, we found that it compulsory me to get adult and in a action. This can be a small ungainly during times, though once we burst in there, we tend to accept some-more communication from guest and they start to disencumber adult and uncover off for you.

Although we try to stand many of my images in-camera, when sharpened super far-reaching it can infrequently be tough to get tie adequate to a action. Other times, we customarily have a separate second to locate a special impulse before it’s gone, so we don’t have time to pierce closer. In instances like this we have no emanate gathering a print in post to tie adult my frame.

The thing to keep in mind when sharpened with a 20mm lens, or any other wide-angle lens, is a outcome it can have on people’s faces. The closer your theme is to a edges of a support and a closer your theme is to a camera, a some-more this exaggeration can impact your image. That is because we customarily use my 20mm lens for full physique portraits. For some-more information about how exaggeration affects a face, check out this good article on how a lens’ focal length shapes a face.

Another exaggeration to keep in mind is viewpoint distortion. This can be seen in a picture above with a vast building. Since I’m sincerely tie to a building, we have to lean my camera adult to get a whole building in a frame. By utilizing this technique with a wide-angle lens, it can seem that a edges of a building are descending in toward a core of a frame. we don’t consider it’s indispensably a bad thing, though it is something to be aware of. This can be bound in post, to an extent, though when we have subjects in a image, they might finish adult looking stretched or little if you’re not careful. Because of this, we try to keep my subjects a decent stretch divided from a camera, as good as in a core of a frame, to assistance minimize this exaggeration from inspiring them.

What do we think? Do we have a wide-angle lens as partial of your kit? How do we like to use your wide-angle lenses?

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