Why we Did A Nude Photo Shoot Before My Breast Reduction

May 15, 2015 - photo frame

(Some of a subsequent images might be deliberate NSFW.)

I adore my body. we trust my physique is a pretentious work of art — a board embellished brown, stroked with curves, accented with dimples and flashy with widen marks. As author Rainbow Rowell penned in her novel Eleanor Park, “She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t ostensible to demeanour nice; it was ostensible to make we feel something.” Some days we don’t know how to feel about this work of art. There are times my thoughtfulness empowers me and there are times I’m overly critical. Today we wish to applaud this physique of work since shortly it will be usually a memory — actually, it will shortly usually be photographs. I’m removing a breast rebate in a few days.


Last year, we done a preference to get a breast rebate due to years of serious behind and neck pain. we feel like I’ll be entering a new chapter, since my breasts have been a partial of who we am for so long. They have influenced my work, a approach we perspective myself, my attribute with a world, my adore life — everything. If it wasn’t for a intolerable pain, we would live with them (horrible wise room moments and all) forever. It took me so prolonged to comprehend a beauty of my “imperfections” and we wanted to constraint this impulse of my life and renovate it into art. we partnered with NYC artist and photographer Justin J, to do a personal print fire celebrating my hulk breasts in all their glory.


It was not easy removing bare for a camera. My breasts, yet we adore them, are one of my biggest insecurities (no joke intended). we never had a zodiacally supposed small, proud bust that a universe seems to adore so much. we have heavy, vast breasts that don’t lay adult sky-high. Even with prior lovers, we would bashful divided from baring my breasts — no matter how eager they were about my body. Posing in front of a camera naked, attempting to model, took some removing used to, though as we grew some-more gentle behind a lens, we satisfied a fire symbolized my attribute with my body.

Puberty strike me unequivocally early. we was 9 years aged when we got my initial training bra. By a time we was 11, we had already started wearing women’s bras. we was a DD crater by 13. Like any girl, my adolescence was 0 brief of awkward. we associated to my peers with all a awful stages of puberty, solely for a dual outrageous issues we seemed to understanding with alone. Inappropriate courtesy from grown men, youth wardrobe that done me demeanour anything though innocent, nasty comments from classmates, fatuous attempts during anticipating swimwear (bonus points if we found a tip and bottom that matched), a plea of anticipating prom/dance gowns that would work with my complicated avocation grandma brassieres, a consistent contingent unbuttoning of my universal propagandize uniform shirt, a uninterrupted arguing with my despotic mom assuring her that we was not (and will not become) promiscuous, and a gawking from colleagues, were usually a few of my many vast follower problems. we remember mostly feeling contrition and embarrassment. we remember hiding. Breasts, a dual things we wanted so badly when we was a tiny lady examination Janet Jackson song videos, became my nightmare.


Over a years, I’ve grown accustomed to carrying a hulk bust that takes adult many of my curvy 5’1 frame. For 17 years, my existence has been neck pain, backaches and sweaty bust in a summer. Despite a discomfort, we schooled to adore my bust usually a approach they are. In a few days, I’ll have to learn to adore a new set of boobs. we will have to learn how to adore a totally new physique and a totally new figure. After 17 years, I’ll have to demeanour myself in a counterpart and start this adore routine all over again.


Although I’ve come to find a beauty of my body, a past few years have been utterly difficult, as my breasts motionless to keep growing. These days, we can hardly mount for longer than 40 mins since of a vigour my bust puts on my back. I’ve attempted each other approach to soothe a pain: use (which is scarcely formidable when we have God-given weights trustworthy to your chest), weight detriment ( we got down to a distance 8, though my vast bust were invincible) and “better” bras that were fundamentally teflon vests. we am now prepared to take a recommendation my doctors have been giving me for years — a reduction. I’ve usually listened about and come opposite good testimonials about a surgery. So many women are beholden to have left by with it.

In a name of health, we bravely make this tough preference — a preference that has taken me over a decade to make.


I applaud my physique a approach it is and a approach it will be. My bare fire was one of a many pardon use I’ve ever had. we don’t consider I’ve ever felt some-more beautiful.

Special interjection to photographer Justin J for bringing my prophesy to life. You can see some-more of his extraordinary work by visiting his website.

See strange story and some-more from my print fire on my blog, KazzleDazz.

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