Why did 4chan try to support one of a possess for a Oregon massacre?

October 2, 2015 - photo frame

An initial 4chan forum has attempted and miserably unsuccessful to support one of a possess users for a mass sharpened in Oregon on Thursday.

During a past 24 hours, a residence /r9k/—a residence desirous by an xkcd comic and that uses a book to demarcate a post of images, memes, or other content some-more than once—has attempted to pin a murders of 9 people on a user dubbed “Eggman.” 

This explain was proven fake when NBC was means to endorse that Eggman was indeed alive.

The shooter who non-stop glow during Oregon’s Umpqua Community College was killed after an sell with police. As of late Thursday, a shooter has been identified as 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer, CBS reported. Seven people were also injured. 

It is misleading when accurately Eggman began regulating /r9k/, or 4chan in general, yet a site’s mania with him has usually increasing given May. Photos of Eggman have circulated around /r9k/ and /b/, 4chan’s largest and most-devious imageboard, collecting tons of insults per his looks.


One tradition on play like /r9k/ and elsewhere is to ask users to post photos of themselves. Because all 4chan threads end after a certain volume of replies, users feel gentle pity images they assume will not be saved. This is not always a case, though, as illustrated in a following collage from early August, that also includes a print of Eggman.


What has mostly been a box with 4chan: The some-more a village obsesses over something or someone, a some-more they grow to adore and ceremony it. Eggman had turn a meme. 4chan’s mania with him can be serve demonstrated in this “appreciation” thread from May.


In mid-August Eggman became self-aware. Having seen how renouned his photos and correspondence had become, he started a YouTube channel to pronounce to his “fans” directly.

The videos underline him pushing in his car, walking around his apartment, and trashing feminists (a renouned 4chan pastime).

Eggman posted a video called “I’m finished with r9k” on Aug. 19 that facilities him in his automobile severely or sarcastically trashing a 4chan board. This potential irascibility was a identical tactic used by a teen called “Dillon a hacker” in Apr 2014. Eggman’s video collected scarcely 9,000 views.


On Wednesday, Eggman posted another video to YouTube claiming to have trafficked to Seattle.

“Anybody in a Seattle area, a Washington area, and wish me to come, like, cot roller during their residence or whatever, only strike me adult dawg,” Eggman said. “I’m going to be here a few days.”

The same day that video was posted, a unknown thread on /r9k/ was combined by someone revelation people to “Don’t go to propagandize tomorrow if we are in a northwest.”


This picture has been picked up by several news organizations following reports progressing currently that a Oregon shooter has posted on amicable media before committing a murders.

According to a New York Times, sovereign officials are now questioning that post from Wednesday.

Correction: The genocide fee was lowered by military officials Thursday dusk to 10. 

Illustration by Max Fleishman | Remix by Fernando Alfonso III

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