Who Stole The Magpie’s Priceless Family Photo?

November 7, 2014 - photo frame


A internal grill is holding to amicable media after a family heirloom was stolen Thursday.

The owners of a grill posted a video to the restaurant’s Facebook page, pleading to whoever stole a family print to lapse it.

An dull print support now hangs in a lavatory during The Magpie, where owners Tiffany Gellner once hung a usually design she has of her great, good grandmother. She beheld it blank Thursday night.

“I don’t know because they would take it. It’s not value any money. It’s not value anything to anyone though me,” Gellner said.

After Gellner beheld it missing, she immediately took to amicable media to ask for assistance anticipating it, even posting a video on Facebook where she pronounced in part:

“I know that we didn’t comprehend that it was really critical to us. But if we would greatfully lapse it, we would be so thankful,” Gellner said.

No one has come brazen as of Friday night. Gellner says a print is partial of a span and is really identical to one of her great, grandmother that hangs only next a blank photo. It has a same credentials and black label that binds a design in place.

Gellner perceived a design when her grandmother upheld divided in 1996. It’s one of many strange family photos hung in a grill to foster an insinuate experience. Now Gellner says she might have to switch to unresolved copies instead of originals.

“That creates me kind of unhappy to consider that we have to do that. we wish people to suffer a strange photographs a approach we suffer a strange photographs,” Gellner said.

Gellner says she’s doesn’t caring how it is returned; she’s even ok if it’s anonymous.

“No questions asked. we only wish a sketch back. It’s one of a kind,” Gellner said.

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