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November 19, 2015 - photo frame

Rule #1: Don’t get your hair cut before a propagandize
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The day before her category photo, my 11-year-old daughter insisted on a haircut and a usually beautician accessible final notation was a new girl, Wilma. She stood over my Mary with a brush and scissors, aloud gnawing gum. “She’s gotta lovable face this one,” Wilma said. we stood back. we let Wilma do her thing. The lady resembled a womanlike Edward Scissorhands – height work boots, complicated eyeliner, and a mop of black tresses. Was she gifted adequate to cut hair? Well, we insincere she had to know something, though that same partial of me also suspicion she competence know something about pleat a plant into a T-Rex, too.

“I demeanour weird,” Mary said, good on a automobile float home.

“Nonsense,” we said. But she kind of did. The layers were uneven. It looked like Wilma used a saw, not scissors.

At home, we attempted to be Hero Mom. I’d save a “picture” day! we twisted my daughter’s hair with an iron, though being an English clergyman and not a stylist, her layers fanned out like a 1970’s Farrah Fawcett. “Mom, you’re kidding, right?” Mary surrendered to a low stubby ponytail, disproportionate wisps descending into her face.

I attempted to console her. “In fact, a many noted ones are a nonsensical ones.” we told her about my sixth class photo: thick glasses, rainbow striped turtleneck and my bangs one large cowlick. “Walk in. Be brave. And smile,” we said.

But what we didn’t know was that each year indeed could be a good print year. When we filled out a form to buy a design there was a new choice we could choose: retouching. Retouching? Any blemish, any wandering hair, any blotch or injure could be blotted out, removed. Mary not usually had a bad hair day, she had (and still has) a tiny brownish-red blotch underneath her left eye. She also has white lines during a corners of her mouth, scars from a dog punch years ago.

I called a photographer to serve inquire. He pronounced they retouched often, and that for some-more money, we could even presumably widen Mary’s hair, too. Lengthen? I deliberate it for a moment. My daughter would be happy, though during what cost? What would we be training her if I retouched her scars and blotch and hair?  Weren’t we vital in an age where a new Barbie had freckles and scars and wider hips? Was Barbie going to be some-more picturesque than my daughter now?

As an English teacher, we always tell my students that a best characters have flaws.  Flaws give them celebrity and make them unique. Imagine if Harry Potter retouched his angled scar? Or if Pippi blotted out her freckles? Or what about genuine people like Malala Yousafzai? What if she carried her swinging lip?

Photo strategy has been a debate for years and now it’s not usually for celebrities. There are hundreds of apps that concede people to retouch and revise their images. For research, we downloaded Perfect365. This app has 65 million (65 million!) users who wish to change their appearance.  All we had to do was upload a print of my face and collect a “Hotstyle” from a menu: Glamorous, Chic, Romantic, or Wild. From there, we could repair my brows, eyes, lips, hair, and more. we extended my lashes, glittered my lids, plumped my lips, and incited my brownish-red true hair into gorgeous curly blond. we pored by a options, inventing opposite versions of myself. we acknowledge it was fun. Some versions would’ve done good form cinema if we were a stone star. Or porn star! But usually one chronicle literally done me giggle out loud, a one where we had a black swoop of hair and complicated eyeliner. I’m Wilma, I thought.

After we had my disturb of Perfect365, we went behind to my strange photo. we motionless to simply tweak a tiny things we disliked about my 44-year-old-self. we smoothed out my neck wrinkles, malleable my skin, private a dim circles underneath my eyes, and wiped out a gray threads in my hair. It was me, though younger. we favourite it. No, loved it. But what would we do with this photo? Frame it for a family room? Post it on Instagram? It was a fraud. My wrinkles and bags and gray hair are what make me me. It’s a oldest doctrine in Life’s book: Accept yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself.  And isn’t that what we wish to learn my daughter? we could simply check a box on a print form to retouch Mary – though did Mary need retouching? No, she didn’t. Not during all.

Wilma pronounced it best, she’s gotta lovable face this one.

Jackie Mercurio is a freelance writer and editor. Please like her on Facebook at facebook.com/mercuriojackie or follow her on Twitter @jackmercurio.

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