‘What You Put in a Frame Determines a Photo’

August 13, 2015 - photo frame

Here’s an moving 5-minute video in that eminent travel photographer Joel Meyerowitz talks about his proceed and mindset to creation photos.

Meyerowitz believes that being wakeful of what’s going on outward a support lines of your shot is usually as critical as meaningful what’s inside your shot. Instead of photographing a unaccompanied intent in a world, his aim is to constraint a relationship between things — objects both inside his support and outward of it.

“If we select to usually make objects out of unaccompanied things, you’ll breeze adult sharpened a arrow into a bullseye all a time, and we get copies of objects in space,” Meyerowitz says. “I didn’t wish copies of objects. we wanted a fleeting connectors between separate things.”

(via Phaidon Press around Photography Bay)

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