What a OnePlus 2 needs to do to revive my faith in OnePlus

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Whenever someone asks me what we consider about OnePlus or a OnePlus One, we demur to answer. we constantly vacillate between feeling aggravated and being impressed. For one, we don’t like OnePlus’s selling tactics, though we conclude a One and how it desirous some-more bang-for-your-buck in phones from other companies in a Android ecosystem.

I gave a OnePlus One a rave review because it deserved it—it’s a good phone with stellar specifications for an affordable price. That’s something that few mainstream Android manufacturers offer, and it’s helped that OnePlus controls roughly each aspect of a business. That’s also been to a detriment, however, as we’ve seen play out over a final year.

Now, we’re two weeks away from a launch of a company’s second-generation flagship, a OnePlus 2. There’s already an contentment of rumors and pre-announcements buzzing around about what a phone will demeanour like and what’s inside it, and it sounds promising. But OnePlus has to change a approach it’s been doing business before it can entirely revive my faith in it as a company—and before it can truly impute to a products as “flagship killers.” 

What we design from a OnePlus 2

Most of a sum of a arriving OnePlus 2 have already been intoxicated all over a Internet. The association recently announced that a next-generation flagship will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM. OnePlus also reliable that a subsequent phone will exercise a USB Type-C connector and that it will come with a lightning-fast embedded fingerprint sensor. CEO Pete Lau also promised that a OnePlus 2 will cost reduction than $450.


The OnePlus 2 will use a Snapdragon 810 CPU notwithstanding all a bad press surrounding it.

But that’s not all. OnePlus took to Reddit in an bid to build adult some-more hype for a OnePlus 2 in an AMAA. There, a association announced that a inheritor to a One will offer a large 3,300mAh battery container and support a wider accumulation of LTE bands. That same proclamation teased that “camera-wise, we have a garland of things that we trust will set a OnePlus 2 apart.” There’s also a ton of work being finished to Oxygen OS to make it into a “real plain product.”


Apparently, a OnePlus 2 is stealing underneath this OnePlus One. That can usually meant that it’s a tad smaller than a predecessor.

As for what a OnePlus 2 will demeanour like, OnePlus forked to this photo and teased, “under this OnePlus One, there’s a OnePlus Two.” So, a box is smaller—hopefully since a bezels are slimmer, not since a arrangement is significantly smaller.

What we wish to see from OnePlus, a company

I’ll acknowledge that it’s good to know a bit about what’s going into a OnePlus 2. We know it will sojourn an affordable device and that it’ll be usually as brawny as some other flagships out on a market. We also know that OnePlus is doing a ruin of a lot of overdo to get Android Fans to recur OnePlus as a code value trusting, though in this sold box it usually feels like repairs control. This is a association whose one and usually product, a year after recover and several rags later, is still pang from vital touchscreen problems for some users.

During a Reddit AMAA, user carpe02 (OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei) said, “Dude, we started great in a available talk when we was asked about hardships we faced in a commencement and how a village upheld us.” That’s unequivocally intense and sweet, and a covenant to how most OnePlus appreciates a customers, though in a finish it’s actions that pronounce louder than words.

OnePlus is not a large phone builder like Samsung or Motorola and it doesn’t have a mainstream interest or selling bill that those sold brands do. Thus, it needs spin around a business to win behind Android fans like me, and I’m struggling to see how it will conduct that if it doesn’t initial change a approach it indeed sells handsets. we don’t repudiate that production is a dear endeavor, though when you’re perplexing to pull units out a doorway and we have doctrinaire Android fans angry in your forums and on Google Plus that they’re ill of watchful to put their income down, we know we have a problem.

OnePlus needs a resolution to a primitive entice complement it used for a One—or during slightest some-more transparency. For example, a association could use a reserve of sorts, where we get a series and know accurately where we are in line for a OnePlus 2. It competence also be useful to offer a priority system, where business can compensate some up-front income to get to a front of a line. Fortunately, OnePlus has already confirmed that it will exercise an “improved chronicle of a entice system”—whatever that means. We won’t know until a phone’s launch. I’m usually anticipating that it’s something that doesn’t perplex everyone. Again.

The OnePlus entice complement is primitive and frustrating. Drop it and try something else!

OnePlus also needs to redo a selling tactics. This delayed hurl of gossip mongering and spec leaks competence be fun for hardcore Android fans, though it isn’t doing most for a brand’s altogether interest to a mainstream. I’m also still unequivocally irritated about a sexist selling tactics it employed final year. Community is unequivocally pivotal to building a new Android brand, though there are respectful ways of doing so that don’t objectify women and means comments like this to exist.

OnePlus Forums

This is substantially not a response OnePlus was anticipating for with a woman-baiting selling campaign.

Last, OnePlus needs improved Quality Assurance. The Reddit AMAA featured plenty of users angry about the touchscreen issues that tormented a One final year. Patch after patch claimed to repair a problem, though OnePlus could have avoided a whole distress in a initial place if it had scrupulously tested a inclination before promulgation them out to users. Oh—and let’s not forget the bursting battery issues from final summer. OnePlus is not an difference to peculiarity declaration simply since it’s a smaller company.

The OnePlus 2 is OnePlus’s possibility to spin around all a bad press that’s tormented a business over a final year. Will it succeed? We’re looking brazen to anticipating out Jul 27. 

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