What it’s like to use a Meural Canvas, a $600 intelligent art support that lets we switch images with a call of a hand

July 19, 2018 - photo frame

The initial difference out of my mouth when we switched on my Meural Canvas weren’t all that profound, though they were telling. And in fact, it was only one word: “Whoa.”

we knew accurately what to expect, of course, carrying researched a record heavily before removing a Meural and carrying left by a elementary adequate though somewhat time-consuming set adult process. Yet still when a ideal facsimile of a Van Gogh self mural unexpected seemed there in my vital room, we was nonetheless impressed. And when a discerning appropriate of my palm nearby a bottom of a support substituted out a Dutchman’s work for a portrayal by Vermeer, we was sold.


In essence, a Meural Canvas is zero some-more than a large digital design frame, though over a perfect size, a few innovative facilities heed this square of digital hardware from other evidently identical products you’ve certainly seen before.

The initial thing to prominence is a gesticulate control ability of a Meural. When we appropriate your palm horizontally nearby a bottom of a frame, a design switches to a subsequent design in a pre-programmed catalog. Swiping your palm ceiling reveals a few lines of information about a painting, drawing, or print you’re enjoying and about a chairman who combined it — it’s a board on a museum wall, no board required.

The subsequent thing value observant is a palliate of control a Meural affords we when we use a app. From a phone or tablet, we can cycle by images, upload your possess pictures, and module what a support will display. You can curate a art displayed to fit a space, a mood, and a moment, either you’re hosting a splendid and bustling holiday celebration or you’re all alone and feeling gloomy.

Whereas a normal square of design is placed on a wall and afterwards stays there indefinitely, a Meural allows we to modernise your space as mostly as you’d like.

Also, it’s flattering humorous to upload a design of someone whose entrance over to revisit but revelation them beforehand, and but explaining that they’re looking during a digital frame. For, indeed, until legalised closely, an design displayed on a Meural Canvas doesn’t demeanour like a digital image. That is, unless we select an design with relocating elements.

Another thing that sets a Meural detached from other digital design frames is a fact that it can arrangement dynamic, relocating images, such as a black and white design with a prohibited atmosphere balloon spinning turn and turn before a fighter or a lady whose fingers idly drop into a swirling universe of stars.


The Meural can be hung in landscape or mural orientation, and we can select from 3 opposite support colors (black, white, and wood), so you’ll certainly be means to compare a support to your home, office, or other location. As for a art displayed matching? Well that’s easy.

Get a Black or White Framed Meural Canvas from Amazon for $595

Get a Walnut Wood Framed Meural Canvas from Amazon for $695

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