What if we could imitation one print all around a world?

February 26, 2016 - photo frame

LifePrint has a crazy idea. What if we could not usually share a imitation by amicable media — that is so 2015 — though also as a earthy imitation to friends and family around a world, all during once, though physically mailing anything?

That’s a core judgment behind LifePrint, an pretender association with a pocket-sized printer and some surprising protracted existence software. The printer will cost $149 and a special prints cost around 40 cents apiece.

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The association envisions we and your friends all owning their tiny, unstable printers and being connected by a company’s giveaway app. You can send, around Bluetooth connection, unchanging photos to a printer or name frames from amicable media like Vines and Instagram videos. When we imitation a photo, we can name to send a imitation to all your LifePrint connected friends, too. On their end, they see that they have new prints in their inbox and can name to imitation them (or not).

That sounds like fun, though LifePrint adds a small some-more hiss to a whole interaction. If we demeanour during a prints by a app, whatever video source is connected to them plays on tip of a genuine picture (augmented-reality-style, of course).

So if we send an iPhone Live Photo imitation to someone, they can indicate their phone’s camera during a print, name a video idol and afterwards see a few seconds of video compared with a picture by a app. This might remind some of a $150 Prynt Case Raymond Wong reviewed a few weeks ago, that also prints protracted existence images, though distinct LifePrint, Prynt Case is indeed a box for your iPhone — and a printer, of course.


This is how LifePrint works.

Image: LifePrint

To bucket 10 to 12 imitation sheets into a top, we flip adult one side and slip them in. The printer has only dual ports on it for USB and energy and afterwards a container where a finished imitation will appear. All 2×3-inch photos imitation during a fortitude of 978×652. It takes 45 mins to assign and lasts for about 15 prints. So if we were meditative of holding it to a large party, we might wish to move a charger, too.

LifePrint Process Part 1

At left, we name your media, that can come from your camera, camera roll, Vine, Instagram, Facebook. We name Vine (center). At right we name a support and a filter.

Image: LifePrint

In a demos I’ve seen, all of this appears to work flattering well. However, notwithstanding attack its KickStarter goal in dual days (it launched on Nov. 15, 2015), a product is still months from shipping and association CEO Robert Macauley still couldn’t let me fire a Vine and name a support on my possess to print. Plus, a hardware, that looks flattering sharp, is still a work in progress.

LifePrint Process Part 2

At left, we confirm ho distant and far-reaching we termite a imitation to go. In a core we see common photos (you name what to print) and a final picture (at right) uncover a options we have on a common image.

Image: LifePrint

Macauley tells me that a product is not for prime group like me, it’s for teens, a Snapchat set who adore to share amicable media and photos, though have no easy approach to share prints that they can even hang onto a behind of their smartphones.

Only time will tell, however, either LifePrint will attain and remonstrate not only you, though a garland of your friends to buy a printer and bond to any other.

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