Vikaura Screen is a print support for what’s on your phone

January 20, 2015 - photo frame

by Joe Svetlik

20 Jan 2015
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vikaura screen

Our phones have a lot of things on them: photos, videos, messages, and that’s before we get to apps and games. But have we ever wanted to arrangement your many loving snaps around your home, instead of gripping them trapped in your phone?

Vikaura Screen does only that. The thought isn’t accurately new – Bluetooth print frames have been around for years. But this is a new turn on it.

Like a print frame, it connects to your handset over Bluetooth, though can also arrangement feeds. For example, you could have it uncover a continue by a front door, so you’ll know if we need a cloak before we step out. (Though during a moment, a answer is always yes.)

Using a app, we can also send messages approach to a Vikaura so they’ll be some-more prominently displayed. The speculation is you’re not going to skip a summary that flashes adult on a wall, given a content won’t burst out during we if your phone is stashed in your bag.

You can uncover recipes on a display, so it also works a bit like a tablet. It’ll come in 4-, 6- or 9.7-inch sizes.

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The vigilant is there, though we’re not certain it’ll take off. Do we unequivocally need another device to lift around with us? And can’t a tablets and phones do all this already? Bluetooth print frames have died a genocide given tablets crashed a scene. O2 also attempted something identical with a device called a Joggler a few years back, and that was never listened from again.

It’s lifted $30,000 of a $125,000 appropriation aim on Kickstarter, with 14 days left.

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