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November 16, 2014 - photo frame

All over a world, people support their pictures. They take a work of art – a painting, a photo, even a diploma – and press it between layers of card matting, a hardboard back, a potion cover, and wooden frames of any figure and style. This support hangs from a handle and lies prosaic opposite a wall. Easy.

“But in Costa Rica, a atmosphere is really humid,” cautions Michael Ocampo, co-owner of Grupo JBP-Reyma, maybe a many reputable eccentric copy association in a country. “The dampness gets trapped inside a support and hull a paper.”

The solution: a “retablo,” a character of framing that adheres a design directly to a wooden board, that is set detached from a wall by an trustworthy support on a back. The design extends to a edges, that are smooth. The whole erect is lacquered and glossy, like a repository cover. The retablo is solid, durable, and resistant to dirt and water. If we live in a tropics, your design might final for decades though so many as a diverge or crease. While a retablos are complicated by nature, they have a neat and streamlined appearance, many like a flat-screen TV.

Company owner Rafael Ocampo Segura works closely with a photographer in his Barrio Amón headquarters.

Alberto Font/The Tico Times

JBP-Reyma is formed in Barrio Amón, and a business occupies dual renovated ancestral buildings that mount opposite a travel from any other – one building is filled with huge digital printers, a other is a support shop. The really existence of JBP-Reyma is a Cinderella story: Back in 1977, Michael’s father Rafael Ocampo Segura changed from a Costa Rican panorama to San José in hunt of a job. He was usually 17, though he had an seductiveness in photography. Rafael became an consultant in cameras, film development, and printing. (He still remembers when tone film initial came to Costa Rica). Rafael has seen a attention renovate radically over a past 4 decades, and his business has ballooned from a medium small garret to a sepulchral family business. Indeed, JBP-Reyma provides copy and framing for clients opposite Costa Rica and receives large orders from a United States as well.

The Ocampo family didn’t invent retablos, and a word traditionally refers to a kind of ecclesiastical art found in Latin American churches. Yet nonetheless a routine is little-known elsewhere, retablos are widely renouned in Costa Rica, and are used to arrangement family photos in many any Costa Rican home. The Ocampos have pioneered a form, and they possess and work their possess bureau on a corner of San José. Meanwhile, JBP-Reyma attracts a far-reaching operation of veteran photographers, who mostly cite a laminated, museum-style ascent that retablos afford.

The Tico Times visited a JBP-Reyma bureau to learn how a Ocampos’ heading frames are created.

“We fundamentally don’t have any competition,” says Michael, nonetheless he adds that a association maintains a accessible attribute with other printers and support shops in a Central Valley. Business has had a ups and downs; a mercantile unemployment strike a association hard. But a Ocampos contend that JBP-Reyma is climbing back, and they even wish to open a second bureau in Panama. “They don’t have anything like this down there.”

Alberto Font/The Tico Times

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