Victims: Crime victims have rights in South Carolina

April 12, 2016 - photo frame

PHOTOS BY MIKE ELLIS/INDEPENDENT MAIL The Rev. Sammy Stroud IV talks about his story of being a victim, his father was shot to death, and how tough it is to honestly redeem from a trauma.

Ann Hollingsworth touches a design support with mementos of her sister, Tina Milford, who was shot and killed in 1983. The box has not been solved.

At a eventuality during a Anderson County Library to symbol National Crime Victims' Rights Awareness Week, a list was filled with cinema of desired ones who were victims of crimes.

By Mike Ellis of a Independent Mail

Wanda Johnson, a victim’s disciple for a Anderson County trial office, still remembers a time when her residence was burglarized dual decades ago.

One afternoon in her home after a incident, Johnson was walking down a tiny corridor and became overcome with fear.

“I crouched down in a corner, behind my stand-up piano,” she said. “All we could do was cry.”

It took time for her to go from “violated to victorious,” Johnson said. “It’s probable though each victim’s tour is different.”

Now Johnson spends many of her time assisting crime victims.

“I’m here currently not as an disciple though as a plant of crime,” she pronounced during a discussion Monday.

The eventuality happened during a library bend in downtown Anderson in approval of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

The South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services is hosting 3 some-more of a recognition fairs this week, in Horry, Orangeburg and York counties.

A few days after that burglary, Johnson returned to her home.

“We don’t compensate a lot of courtesy always to a outcome of skill crimes on a victim,” she said. “I was a tough lady from a country. we can hoop this. They’re not going to come back. That’s what we was revelation myself.”

The events of this week’s National Crime Victims’ Rights Week recognition fairs embody domestic assault shelters and family assistance programs, prosecutors and others who understanding with crime victims.

“It’s not only for victims, however,” Johnson said. “We wish anyone to come out so they can know what is available.”

Ann Hollingsworth went to a discussion in observance of her slain sister, Tina Milford, who was killed in 1983.

She brought a design support filled with a print of Milford, who was 23 when she was shot in a head. The murdering stays unsolved.

“I’d tell victims of crime that they need to stay behind police, stay behind a box and adult to date on it,” Hollingsworth said.

There is a lot some-more importance on assisting victims currently than in 1983, she said.

South Carolina was a initial state to have victims advocates privately trustworthy to a trial department, Johnson said. The state also has a check of rights for crime victims.

The keynote orator Monday, a Rev. Sammie Stroud IV, pronounced he remembers vividly when he became a plant of crime.

At age 7, Stroud came home from propagandize and laid on his father’s chest while his father took his final breaths after he was fatally shot in New York.

Stroud pronounced he was unhinged by occurrence until he was 20. He after motionless to get a rapist probity grade and became a rising jailer with a sovereign government, means to set prisoners giveaway early and with dual dozen staff stating to him by his early 30s.

Stroud eventually walked divided from a pursuit to turn a preacher.

With his faith he still harbored bitterness, Stroud said.

One of a branch points in his life was saying tombstones with his name.

His great-grandfather and his grandfather’s names.

There were birth dates. Death dates.

“There’s zero we can do about those,” Stroud said.

But what we can do, he said, is concentration on a dashes in between.

“You can change a dashes,” Stroud said. “Do a best we can do.”

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