US Open: S. Williams d. Kanepi

September 1, 2014 - photo frame

The tip seed reached her initial vital quarterfinal of a season. (Photo by Anita Aguilar)

The tip seed reached her initial vital quarterfinal of a season. (Photo by Anita Aguilar)


NEW YORK—Lunging behind with arms reflexively covering her rib cage, Kaia Kanepi was in self-preservation mode as a triple-digit physique offer buzzed her hip. On a erotic Labor Day, Serena Williams’ gloomy offer was an occupational jeopardy for many of a match.

When she wasn’t stretching Kanepi with a slider offer or scaring her with physique heat, Williams did not assent a indicate on her initial offer in a opening set. Despite donating a integrate of breaks in a second set, Williams still done discerning work of a absolute Estonian. The reigning U.S. Open champion scored a plain 6-3, 6-3 feat to impetus into her 12th Flushing Meadows quarterfinal—and initial Grand Slam quarterfinal of a year.

The 17-time vital champion’s good expectations and high self-demands have contributed to her new struggles during Slams. A scandalous perfectionist, Serena wants so badly to succeed, she’s kick herself adult when creation mistakes during majors. Facing a hard-hitting opponent, Williams spent many of her time punishing a ball. Aside from stumbling during a start and finish of a second set, Serena kept her offer and haughtiness in check, delivering 3 true adore binds to start.

It takes pointing to kick Williams with pristine pace, a plea exacerbated currently by a tip seed’s abyss and a divergent wind. The American dwindle atop Arthur Ashe Stadium flapped so frantically during one point, round kids on justice looked adult to locate a means of a noise. Perhaps that’s because Williams, who covers a justice many quicker than Kanepi, opted to play down a center rather than formulating shorter angles during times. She rapped an inside-out forehand winer to mangle for 5-3 and hermetic a 31-minute initial set with a 106 M.P.H. offer leader down a center that spun sideways.

The dual traded breaks to open a second set. Failing to pierce her feet, Serena shanked an easy beyond off her support with a caustic “WTF was that?” countenance dropping offer during adore as Kanepi ran off 6 true points. “I didn’t wish to strike it,” Williams confessed afterward. “I was like ‘These are a shots Venus customarily takes in doubles.’ “

Then Williams carried her turn and took over, pulsation a cross-court backhand and sketch a forehand blunder to measure her third true mangle for a 2-1 lead. She corroborated adult a mangle with her seventh ace for 3-1.

Serving for a compare during 5-2, an over-anxious Williams dumped a span of doubles to present a break. It was a teenager stumbling block. She pennyless to finish a hard-hitting, 65-minute clash. Despite a fact her offer and strokes weren’t always in sync—Williams infrequently reached for a round with her arms rather than stepping toward a round and regulating her leg-drive to energy nonetheless strikes—Serena has taken caring of business, dropping only 17 games by 4 rounds. And it looks like she hasn’t strike her high rigging yet.

A loose Serena showed a clarity of humor—and clarity of relief—in her post-match talk with CBS’ Mary Joe Fernandez.

“I finally done a quarterfinal this year!” a giggling Williams pronounced while thrusting her arms in a atmosphere like a curtain who had finally crossed a finish line. “I consider we felt [the pressure] in my [last] portion game. I’m like, ‘Can we greatfully only make it to a Grand Slam quarterfinal this year?’ Glad to do it here in New York.”

Continuing her query to join Chris Evert as a second lady to constraint 3 true U.S. Open titles in a Open era, Williams will play 11th-seeded Flavia Pennetta for a mark in a final four. Serena is 5-0 opposite a maestro Italian, winning a final 9 sets they’ve played, including a 6-4, 6-3 feat in a 2009 U.S. Open quarterfinals.

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