Underwater Photo and Video Holiday Gift Guide 2015

November 28, 2015 - photo frame

Welcome to a 2015 Underwater Holiday Gift Guide! As if underwater photographers need any serve excuses to splurge on a latest gear, a winter deteriorate brings with it a latest rigging announced during DEMA and special sales for a holiday season.

Whether you’re in a marketplace buy a finish DSLR setup to step adult your imaging diversion in 2016, or only looking for a ideal present for that special underwater photographer in your life, this beam has something for everyone.

Please assistance support DivePhotoGuide by selecting to squeeze your rigging by a associating sell partners during Backscatter.


Olympus OM-D E-M5 II

Underwater photographers have flocked to Olympus’ mirrorless cameras for their still picture quality, condensation and reduce cost point. And with a proclamation of a OM-D E-M5 II even underwater videographers will be impressed. The Mark II improves on a prototype with a step adult in support rate to 60 frames per second during 1080p resolution. There’s also an boost in bit rate to assistance constraint some-more fact in any frame. $900 | www.getolympus.com | www.backscatter.com

Who Should Buy It?

The OM-D E-M5 II should attract still photographers who also wish to take their video to a subsequent level. Current compress users looking for an ascent in picture peculiarity and ability to have dedicated wide-angle and macro setups should take note of a E-M5 II.

Housing Options

  • Olympus: With a PT-EP13, Olympus continues a tradition of producing exclusive underwater housings for many of a mirrorless lineup. The housing is one of a many affordable options, while also charity a lightweight feel and a niceties of higher-cost models such as twin fiber-optic wire ports and entrance to both control dials for easy primer shooting. $900 | www.getolympus.com | www.backscatter.com
  • Ikelite: Ikelite offers another affordable, lightweight choice for someone looking to save on additional container weight. This housing facilities a few good bells and whistles such as built-in TTL bearing control. $1,050 | www.ikelite.com | www.backscatter.com
  • Sea Sea: If we wish a some-more imperishable feel of an aluminum-built model, Sea Sea offers a MDX-EM5 Mark II. With redesigned controls to yield top-notch ergonomics for a new model, a housing also facilities a lens-lock recover symbol and luminescent symbol labels for night shooting. $1,850 | www.seaandsea.jp | www.backscatter.com

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Arguably, a Canon EOS 7D II is a many modernized cropped sensor DSLR ever produced. The large dispute with cropped sensor cameras has never been their picture quality, though rather their miss of pro-level features. As we remarkable in our review of this new DSLR, a 7D Mark II reverses this trend with increasing estimate power, quick continual sharpened (10 fps) and higher autofocus around a 65-point all cross-type sensor. $1,300 | www.canon.com | www.backscatter.com

Who Should Buy It?

Anyone who would like to deposit in a DSLR though does not wish a increasing distance of a full-frame camera will be good served by a 7D Mark II. If you’re meditative of a DSLR, this one should be on your brief list.

Housing Options

  • Sea Sea: We reviewed a 7D Mk II in Sea Sea housing progressing this year and were tender by a finer facilities such as a ability to customize a attraction of a shiver lever. As a Photo Editor, Lia Barrett, attested in a review: “The housing’s compress distance and robustness, and pro facilities such as a Optical YS Converter and customizable shiver attraction concede users to make full use of a speed and flexibility of a camera, even in really severe conditions.” $3,600 | www.seaandsea.jp | www.backscatter.com


  • Nauticam: Fun fact—the initial ever Nauticam housing for a 7D Mark II went into a hands of diving fable Sylvia Earl. We can’t pronounce for Sylvia, though we are tender by a fact this housing provides ergonomically organised controls covering any singular camera function, and Nauticam’s law pier close system. $3,400 | www.nauticamusa.com | www.backscatter.com

Sony Alpha 7 Mark II Series

It competence seem bizarre to learn that a many hyped camera of a year is built around a measly 12.2-megapixel sensor. But it is a multiple of ISO performance, energetic range, estimate speed and video capabilities that have done a Sony a7S Mark II a speak of a town. Alternatively, if crazy-high fortitude is your thing, a similarly-priced 42.2-megapixel a7R II is only a ticket, while a final camera in a a7-series lineup, a a7 II, is a more-affordable 24-megapixel all-rounder. $1,700 | www.sony.net | www.backscatter.com (a7 II) | $3,200 | www.sony.net | www.backscatter.com (a7R II) | $3,000 | www.sony.net | www.backscatter.com (a7S II)

Who Should Buy It?

For those looking for implausible energetic operation in their stills and a ability to furnish ultra-HD 4K fortitude video, a a7S II is calling. With a 100 Mbps bit rate and 30 frames per second recording during 4K resolution, this is a absolute all-round imaging machine. Oh, and we can also play around with delayed fit sharpened during 120 frames per second during 1080p HD.

Housing Options

  • Subal: We got a initial demeanour during Subal’s housing for a a7 Mark II array during DEMA and were tender by a compress form and excellent hold ergonomic design, such as easy entrance to ISO and low grooved controls. $3,670 | www.subal.com | www.backscatter.com
  • Aquatica: Aquatica also offers a housing for a a7 Mark II series, with importance placed on easy entrance to controls owners use a most. The back rotary dial can be accessed with this housing and reserved to a accumulation of functions that best fit a shooter’s needs. $2,700 | www.aquatica.com | www.backscatter.com


SeaLife Micro 2.0

We’re all about foolproof solutions here during DPG, and a new SeaLife Micro 2.0 positively embodies palliate of use. The new refurbish to a world’s initial permanently-sealed underwater camera brings an softened 16-megapixel sensor and new by-pass controls to tradition modes. Video gets a poignant ascent too, compared with a predecessor, with a ability to fire crisper slow-motion footage during 60 frames per second (up from 30 fps). The Micro 2.0 starts shipping around Dec 10. $500/$550 (32GB/64GB) | www.sealife-cameras.com


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV in Fantasea housing

The large trend this year is bringing pro-level video capabilities to compress and mirrorless cameras. This continues with a RX100 IV, that offers 4K fortitude footage during a bit rate of 100 Mbps. Alternatively, we can constraint super slow-motion footage during roughly 1,000 frames per second. Fantasea’s analogous FRX100 IV housing (which also accommodates a RX100 III) offers a quality, affordable choice with higher-end finishes like a trickle detector and entrance to a dual customizable control dials. It comes with a palm strap, a good underline for those doing roller photography as well. $950 | www.sony.com | www.backscatter.com (camera) | $500 | www.fantasea.com | www.backscatter.com (housing)

Olympus TG-4 in Ikelite housing

Olympus’ Tough line of compress cameras have always been a good choice for a outdoorsman or infrequent snorkel photographer, though a miss of abyss rating and subpar picture peculiarity hasn’t utterly done them a viable choice for scuba-diving photography. That has all altered with a new TG-4, that is a initial tough camera to have RAW imaging and is depth-rated to 50 feet—in further to being “crushproof” and “freezeproof”! The camera also facilities a macro mode and underwater HDR settings. Ikelite offers their cosy housing for a TG-4 (and TG-3), that has we lonesome down to 200 feet. The housing allows we to bond adult to dual strobes around fiber-optic cords, and accepts wide-angle or macro accessories with 67mm threads. $350 | www.getolympus.com | www.backscatter.com (camera) | $325 (not including lens port) | www.ikelite.com | www.backscatter.com (housing)



GoPros are a good holiday (or anytime) present for a crony looking to get started in underwater imagery. As a ongoing Underwater Photographer’s Guide to GoPro shows, we can grasp extraordinary formula with this nifty movement camera. Along with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, a latest model, a new entry-level HERO+ LCD, includes a pivotal further of a built-in LCD shade to see what you’re shooting. $300 | www.gopro.com | www.backscatter.com


At DEMA, a many “oohs” and “ahhs” could be listened during a Hero360 booth. This NY-based association creates a 360-degree, breathtaking GoPro pack that is able of producing practical existence underwater footage when noticed by a headset. It’s really a diversion changer in a area of underwater video, as we detected in our profile of their pro-level model, a Hero360 Abyss. $4,985 | www.360heros.com

Nauticam Housing for Atomos Ninja 2

The Atomos Ninja 2 is many some-more than a monitor: It skips a camera’s on-board recording, that is mostly delayed and formula in picture plunge during compression. Nauticam’s compress housing offers entrance to pivotal controls on a Ninja’s touchscreen interface. $1,800 | www.nauticamusa.com | www.backscatter.com


Fantasea Radiant Pro 2500

Continuous lighting has always been a contingency for peculiarity video, though with a proliferation of powerful, compress LED lights, it is apropos a some-more common apparatus in still imaging as well. Fantasea’s top-of-the-line Radiant Pro 2500 emphasizes flexibility with an array of modes including wide-angle white light (120 degrees), slight white light (15 degrees), red light, ultraviolet and blue light. It comes with a YS mountain for easy connection to flex arms, 4 lithium batteries (includes gangling set) and charger. $500 | www.fantasea.com | www.backscatter.com

Sea Sea YS-D2

Sea Sea has packaged utterly a punch with this compress strobe, that puts out light during a beam series of 32. This is, of course, a same considerable spec as a comparison YS-D1 strobe, though this incarnation seems to residence all a concerns of a predecessor’s legions of followers. Most notably, redesigned control knobs meant we can’t incidentally change modes or spin your strobe off. There’s also an heard recycle notification, fiber-optic wire hook, and red concentration light filter accessory. $650 | www.seaandsea.jp | www.backscatter.com

I-Torch Venom c92 and Venom 50

I-DiveSite produces a line of continual lights of several outputs, with a Venom c92 and Venom 50 being dual of a many absolute in a range, during 4,000 lumens and 5,000 lumens, respectively. The Venom c92 facilities an considerable tone digest index (CRI) of 92, definition a light it produces really closely resembles healthy light, while a Venom 50 offers an additional ultraviolet (UV) mode for those who wish to examination with shimmer imagery. Both work with a discretionary Venom Remote, that gives we control over outlay power from a preference of your camera’s handles. $975 | www.itorch.ca (Venom c92) | $975 | www.itorch.ca (Venom 50)

Fix Neo Premium 2200 DX

Control over power on a video light has never been as accurate as with a Fix Neo Premium 2200 DX, that offers 1% incremental change. This outlay can be simply noticed on a LED display, that shows power and time remaining. $800 | www.fixneo.com


Backscatter FLIP4 for GoPro

If there are dual things value adding to your GoPro lineup, it’s a tray for fortitude and filters to tone correct. Don’t skimp on peculiarity with a latter and go for a FLIP4 filters, that come in a same forms (including snorkel/shallow, blue, and immature water) as a renouned FLIP3.1 system. However, a new models have a redesigned latch complement with a tighter grip, that creates it easier and quicker to put together and close in place. $100 | www.backscatter.com

Backscatter Macromate Mini

Once your filters have we producing overwhelming wide-angle GoPro footage, you’ll need another essential appendage to tackle a tiny stuff: a high-grade multi-element lens called a Macromate Mini. Backscatter’s lens can be used with your FLIP4 complement by threading into a FLIP4 55mm adapter—which is now included. $99 | www.backscatter.com

SeaLife Flex-Connect

Tired of a normal clunky balls and rail arms? SeaLife’s Flex-Connect arms underline a 100-degree tortuous angle and are designed to be easier to scheme than customary ball-and-arm systems. Perfect for SeaLife’s possess operation of Sea Dragon video lights, Flex-Connect can also be used with one-inch mounts to concede lights of any kind to be attached. $49 (Dual Tray) | $49 (Flex Arm) | $40 (Grip) | $30 (Y-S Adapter) | $269 (Dual Tray Kit, pictured) | www.sealife-cameras.com

Saga Magic Ball

You can emanate one-of-a-kind macro wide-angle images with Saga’s Magic Ball soppy lens. A singular potion round captures macro critters in a core fisheye-esque round and a credentials in pleasing bokeh around it. $250 | www.sagadive.com

Aquatica Ikelite External TTL Interface Module

Aquatica housing owners can now take full advantage of Ikelite’s TTL electronics by a newly announced outmost TTL interface. But this does so many some-more than giving a ability to fire Ikelite TTL: You can now adjust a strobe bearing from right on a housing, rather than carrying to widen out to any particular strobe. $720 | www.aquatica.ca


Vivid-Pix Land and Sea

The holidays are a time to go diving and spend time with friends and family—not painfully revise your images. Vivid-Pix has now taken their law algorithm behind a one-click picture modifying program and done it accessible for topside photos with a recover of Land and Sea. $20 | www.vivid-pix.com

Prawno Apparel

If we wish to be a hippest-looking underwater photographer on your subsequent outing (plus be a comfiest) spin to Prawno. Ocean-inspired by DPG’s Photo Editor, Lia Barrett, this wardrobe line has all from baby onesies to hoodies. $25–65 | www.prawnoapparel.com

Manta Train – Crew Tee (Men)
Schooling Sharks – Light Zip Hoodie (Unisex)

Manta Cloud – Crew Tee (Women)
Turtle – Short Sleeve Onesie (Baby)


Beneath Cold Seas

David Hall’s overwhelming collection of images from a waters of British Columbia is now accessible as a soothing cover. Sure it competence be cold outward in many tools of a world, though David’s photos are certain to enthuse we to take on some-more cold-water underwater imagery. $35 (soft cover) | $45 (hard cover)www.washington.edu/uwpress

Positive Prints

Get in a giving suggestion with a revisit to PositivePrints.org, a munificent online underwater art gallery. Pioneered by Christine Shepard, a site sells her top-notch photography prints with 30 percent of a deduction going true to sea charge organizations. $45–2,825 | www.positiveprints.org




When purchasing underwater photography apparatus like a products mentioned in this article, greatfully support DPG by ancillary a sell partner—Backscatter.com.

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