Under Armour taps internal athletes, actors for marketing

January 17, 2015 - photo frame

At 4-foot-6 and 70 pounds, he is frequency an commanding Under Armour model, though 10-year-old Thomas Geyer of Havre de Grace loves sports and possesses only a right look.

Also, his feet are a ideal size.

“Attractive Boys (think UA ads) 10-12 years aged — contingency be means to play baseball,” pronounced a internal casting company’s online proclamation for an Under Armour print fire that Thomas’ mom listened about from a co-worker. “Shoes — Size 4 (sample) is ideal, adult to distance 7 is doable.”

Thomas, a round pitcher and shortstop, wears a distance 4. Most important, he is a genuine athlete, fresh-faced and earnest. His ability to enthusiastically play — rather than only fake — cumulative him a mark in a Under Armour print promotions, that will prominence girl round cleats and are due to seem in sporting products stores this spring.

British tennis star Andy Murray signs with Under Armour

The Baltimore-based sports attire and shoes association wants a ads to demeanour like genuine life, despite a small cooler. It strives for an authentic feel partly by reaching out to homegrown talent and regulating area round fields, warehouses, stadiums and travel scenes.

Thomas joins a prolonged list of internal athletes — former Raven Ray Lewis is among a many distinguished — and actors to acquire roles in ads for fast-growing Under Armour, that now has some-more than $3 billion a year in sales.

Thomas’ print fire occurred on a Columbia round margin in September.

“When he initial got there, he was small intimidated,” pronounced his mother, Jodi Geyer, an accountant. “He played and did some acted shots. By a end, he was carrying a blast.”

He got a $100 Under Armour present certificate and was told he could keep a cleats he modeled. And a socks.

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“It’s not a best-paying job, though it’s best for cocktail celebration conversation,” pronounced Betsy Royall of Taylor Royall, a Baltimore casting association that auditioned Thomas by articulate to him about his round use as he tossed a round around. “They get their 5 mins of fame.”

Long before it sealed NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady and Cam Newton to publicity deals, Under Armour commercials contained a robust arrange of internal grit.

Producers incited a Canton parking garage into a dark, empty weight room for a 2003 ad starring Eric “Big E” Ogbogu, a former University of Maryland football actor so sculpted that his form was expel into a mold to emanate in-store mannequins.

A successive ad featured a Terps football coaches bellowing during their players in low growls.

“All right, men, let’s go!” shouts then-assistant manager Dave Sollazzo in a 2004 ad. “First-and-10 and they’re in a Ace set. They’re not going to chuck a damn football, YOU GOT ME?”

Under Armour unveils Armour Claus holiday ad

Under Armour unveils ‘Armour Claus’ holiday ad Lorraine Mirabella Under Armour will betray a holiday promotion debate tonight centered around “Armour Claus” and a brands ColdGear line of apparel. Under Armour will betray a holiday promotion debate tonight centered around “Armour Claus” and a brands ColdGear line of apparel. ( Lorraine Mirabella ) –>

Longtime Under Armour executives are sentimental about a Ogbogu and Sollazzo commercials since they were a initial to underline a “Protect this House” slogan.

“The one that started it all,” pronounced Steve Battista, comparison clamp boss of code artistic for Under Armour, of a Ogbogu ad called “Breakdown.”

Many of a featured players, including quarterback Brian Cummings and core Jamie Bragg, were teammates of Under Armour owner and CEO Kevin Plank during Maryland. Plank was a special teams actor who graduated in 1996.

“We were still tighten adequate to college days that we could find friends who were still playing, or only stopped personification to be in these spots where all a hits and workouts were real,” Battista said. “In a beginning, there were a lot of former Maryland players doing it as favors or only for gear.”

At a time, a association was still in a infancy. But afterwards Stuart Scott, a ESPN “SportsCenter” anchor who recently died of cancer, adopted “Protect this House” as one of his catchphrases. The aphorism was listened on playgrounds and used by Maryland and NFL teams (including a Ravens) during warm-ups.

The slogan’s recognition helped propel Under Armour’s rise. In 2014, it overtook Adidas in total attire and shoes sales to turn a second-biggest sports code in a United States behind Nike.

Under Armour’s early ads “spoke to a flawlessness of a brand,” pronounced Jonathan A. Jensen, an Ohio State University sports selling instructor.

As a association evolves, it contingency consider what still works and what contingency change, Jensen said.

“Their product line has gotten so diverse,” he said. “The sweaty football players in a room is good for application gear, though they’ve grown so much.”

Under Armours Christmas commercial

Under Armour’s Christmas commercial One of a biggest group in story has been training all year for One Big Night. Watch “ARMOUR CLAUS” do it all so he can broach when it matters most. One of a biggest group in story has been training all year for One Big Night. Watch “ARMOUR CLAUS” do it all so he can broach when it matters most. See some-more videos –>

In new years, a association has sealed marquee professionals such as Brady, Newton, baseball’s Bryce Harper and tennis actor Andy Murray. Aiming to attract some-more women to a brand, Under Armour denounced ads final year featuring ballet dancer Misty Copeland and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

But Under Armour pronounced it has no skeleton to write internal athletes or actors out of a scripts. Company officials contend area scenes simply feel genuine.

Under Armour has mostly used Producers, a Baltimore video prolongation company, for a ads.

For sharpened scenes, Under Armour has determined relations with a University of Maryland, Towson University, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and large indoor training comforts such as a Reaper’s Den in Columbia.

In 2013, Lewis narrated and helped book a Baltimore-based blurb in that high propagandize football players from Dunbar, St. Francis and Gilman competition to use on bikes, trains and in a pickup truck. A summons is listened and a helicopter hovers overhead.

Battista, who heads a 40-person artistic team, pronounced America already had a feel for farming Texas football, that was popularized in a “Friday Night Lights” book, film and TV show. The Lewis-narrated ad was dictated partly to etch a existence that many civic high schools miss football fields and players contingency “commute” to practice.

“This was desirous by being in a city,” Battista said.

The ads’ internal connectors are not always so easy to spot.

In a holiday-themed mark that debuted in November, a buff, tattooed Santa Claus is decorated scrambling to ready for Christmas. Even savvy football fans competence not have famous that “Armour Claus” was played by former NFL actor Randy White, one of Maryland’s best-ever defensive linemen.

The ad, a partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods, was expel by Taylor Royall and featured a series of area actors, including Fatima Quander and Kelly Holleman, both of Washington.

“Immediately we think, ‘Why isn’t this being shot in New York or L.A.?’ and afterwards we think, ‘Oh, yes. Under Armour. Maryland,’ ” Holleman said.

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