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June 4, 2015 - photo frame

Launch of a Kickstarter Campaign for FLIXI

MONTREAL, June 4, 2015 /CNW Telbec/ – Laurent Carrier and Kurt Hibchen, dual Montreal designers, are rising their code new product: FLIXI, a print support wholly designed and constructed in Canada and that enables print lovers to hang and support their cinema in reduction than a minute, yet any collection or any repairs to a wall.

“We all take thousands of photos, yet frequency suffer a pleasure of saying them displayed on a walls. Many of us have a lift of frames or photos fibbing around during home entertainment dust” announced Kurt Hibchen, FLIXI co-designer and Toboggan Design co-founder. “There are so many stairs between gnawing a pattern and finally unresolved it on your wall, that many of a time, we only finish adult putting it off. On tip of it, once we strike a spike in a wall, you’ve got a hole… that creates it tough to change your mind.”

Every year, some-more than 380 billion photos are taken and FLIXI is about to change a attribute with them by pardon them from a electronic devices. Thanks to FLIXI and a web application, it will now be easy to support and hang photos. Wall galleries of FLIXI frames can be commissioned and rearranged in a flash.

The pivotal to FLIXI’s morality is a apparent tentative wall anchoring system, a WallSnap. Its special glue and stretch feet forestall a support from adhering to a wall until a support is in a right spot. Its build-in turn helps make it ideally straight.

A Kickstarter debate to move FLIXI to your wall
Kickstarter is a heart for creators and innovative projects. Early in a growth of FLIXI, it became transparent for a designers that this height had to be during a core of their launch strategy. Even yet a campaign’s pattern is to lift $ 60,000, a strength of Kickstarter is a ability to build a village of seductiveness around a project. Thanks to backers’ pledges, FLIXI will go into production. Backers will accept a apportion of frames in suitability to a turn of their financial contribution.

“Contributing to a product success and afterwards owning it is really exciting” says Laurent Carrier, FLIXI co-designer and Toboggan Design co-founder. ‘The immeasurable infancy of products on a shelves are alien and singular are a occasions that concede us to minister directly to a internal business’ success”.

Montreal Innovation
Laurent Carrier and Kurt Hibchen are Montreal designers good determined in a business and pattern community. They trust strongly in internal prolongation so it was apparent to them that FLIXI had to be constructed in Montreal. Building tighten collaborations with internal suppliers helps emanate internal jobs and creates for a improved product.

Curate your interior decor
FLIXI is also particular given of a web application that allows users to upload their photos and to emanate and daydream wall galleries. It also allows them to brew and compare 8 opposite support and pad colours to obtain a truly personalized result. During a Kickstarter campaign, FLIXI will be offering in 3 opposite sizes (4×6, 5×7 et 8×10).

About a designers
Laurent Carrier and Kurt Hibchen founded Toboggan Design in 1999 and have been conceptualizing witty and aware interactive practice and products ever since. Kurt Hibchen hosts a TV Show ‘Design is everywhere’ airing on CBC’s ARTV. Together, they pattern museum exhibitions, electronic inclination and competition equipment, such as a football helmet that won a Good Design Award in 2009. They have also designed and marketed their possess products, a Capsul Card Case for example, that is sole around a world.

On-line press kit:
Kickstarter page and video:
HD fortitude Kickstarter video, accessible on demand


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For serve information: Catherine Moreau,, (514) 875-0123, ext. 205

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