Turn aged junk into Pinterest-worthy gems

July 19, 2017 - photo frame

Summer is a tough time for me to consider about decorating; we mostly spin my concentration outward to my garden and porch. But we do use these months to revise my closets and transparent a clutter. (I am desirous by all of a tab sales holding place in my area any weekend.)

Aside from donating a satisfactory share of products to my internal preservation shop, we try to order new uses for aged stuff. Here are 10 super-easy ways to give bland equipment new purpose. In many cases, all we need is a few minutes, scissors, fasten and glue.

Vases: Have a cylinder potion vase left over from a flower arrangement someone sent you? Rather than have it collect dirt in a cupboard, since not spin it into a design frame? Not usually is it appreciative to demeanour at, though we can also censor things behind a design — like your radio remote controls.

First cut a rope of colored paper a same tallness as a vase. Center a print on a square of paper and hitch it with double-sided tape. Bend a paper to fit inside a vase.


Washi fasten can dress adult aged tins.

Elizabeth Mayhew

Empty tins: Transform aged tins by covering them in Japanese washi tape. Similar in hardness to masking fasten (in that it’s super easy to tear), washi fasten is most some-more durable and comes in tons of flattering and stylish patterns.

Maps: Rather than have your maps lay new in a drawer or glove compartment, we can spin them into place mats. Choose maps of where we live, favorite destinations or somewhere that we are about to go on vacation. Cut them to distance and laminate to reuse, or use once and dispose of.

Gift hang and wallpaper: Create present art by framing wallpaper samples or even bits of your favorite patterned jacket paper. Or take any “paper” collection and spin it into art. we recently framed a client’s collection of potato bags.

Toothbrush holders: These make an ideal vase since they have holes that keep a flowers in place. Fill with water, place a lid on tip and supplement flowers. Just make certain that we cut a flower stems brief adequate so that a vase doesn’t disintegrate over.

Wine corks: Save a corks from finished bottles of wine. The subsequent time we have a cooking party, make a cut on one side and insert a place label in any cork.

Leftover tiles: Don’t drop new tiles from your lavatory renovation. Instead insert glue felt tabs to a bottom corners of a tiles. Stack them and keep them accessible to use as coasters.

Tea saucers: Put a flattering waif tea urn to use in your powder room as a soap dish.


The author likes to use aged dishes, such as this tureen with a damaged cover, to arrangement flowers.

Annie Schlechter

Casserole dishes: If you’ve damaged a tip to a lonesome stew plate (like we have), use a bottom as a vase for uninformed flowers or as a pot for plants or orchids. If regulating it as a planter, make certain we emanate a drainage covering by adding some stones or pebbles to a bottom of a pot, underneath a soil.

Old-fashioned toast racks: Store new mail in a slots of a toast rack; when it gets full, go by a mail, compensate bills, respond to invites, and fragment or toss anything else.

Mayhew, a “Today” uncover character consultant and former repository editor, is a author of “Flip! for Decorating.”

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