Turkish businessman aims for university for Syrian refugees

January 13, 2015 - photo frame

NEW YORK (AP) — At a Syrian interloper stay in Turkey, 19-year-old Usame Isa dreams of investigate engineering. But Isa doesn’t pronounce Turkish good adequate to pass a denunciation inclination exam compulsory for opening during state universities.

He is not alone. Many of a 1.6 million Syrians in Turkey after journey their country’s polite fight do not pronounce Turkish and can't means denunciation classes, pronounced Metin Corabatir, who heads a Ankara-based Research Center on Asylum and Migration.

“Students should be means to investigate in a denunciation they wish, though here we have to learn Turkish,” Isa pronounced during a Nizip stay nearby Turkey’s southern city of Gaziantep. “I am perplexing to learn.”

A Turkish preparation businessman has desirous skeleton to residence this problem. He hopes to lift supports to start a Turkish university for Syrian refugees, with classes hold in Arabic and English in further to Turkish.

“I unequivocally trust that we have to teach these immature people,” a entrepreneur, Enver Yucel, told The Associated Press in a new talk in New York, where he was receiving an preparation award. “If we can't teach these immature people, they will be a large problem both for Turkey and for their possess nation — for a whole region.”

Yucel envisions several tiny campuses in Turkish cities tighten to Syria, including Gaziantep. The initial one would be located in Hatay and, he hopes, would start in a 2015-16 educational year with 1,500 students if he gets a compulsory supervision approvals. He proposes contracting 400 Syrian expertise members who are also refugees.

Yucel pronounced a Syrian students would not be means to compensate fee so he will interest to governments, foundations and people to support a university. He estimated a cost during $51 million a initial year, augmenting to $290 million in a fifth year when he envisions a university flourishing to 5,500 students. He pronounced he will privately minister about $9.5 million a initial year.

“There is a intensity to grow this adult to 20,000 students,” Yucel said.

Although a charge seems huge, Yucel has a proven lane record. He heads a Bahcesehir Educational Group, that includes a sequence of private K-12 schools with 30,000 students during 55 campuses in Turkey, and Bahcesehir University in Istanbul. The organisation also has satellite campuses in Toronto, Washington, Silicon Valley, Berlin, Cologne, Hong Kong and Rome — and a newly accredited university in Washington called BAU International University.

“It’s usually by preparation that we can change a person’s life,” Yucel said, “and we trust one chairman could change a world.”

Syria’s polite fight has denied a era of a children an education, and teenagers anticipating to enter university seem to be among a many cruelly affected. Many have missed years of drill and are underneath vigour to assistance financially support their families. They are doubtful to find support for their preparation in countries where they find retreat since donors tend to concentration on Syria’s youngest children, withdrawal teenagers and those staid to enter university behind.

Turkey has done it probable for Syrians to register during Turkish state universities though holding rarely rival opening exams or submitting papers to infer they finished high school. The denunciation requirement, however, is proof to be a large obstacle.

“The Turkish universities take too few Syrian students,” pronounced Besar al-Suved, a story clergyman during a Nizip interloper stay who left Syria dual years ago. “The reason is that a Turkish denunciation is a problem and many can’t compensate a university fees.”

He pronounced denunciation classes are offering during a stay 5 hours any week, though that “if there is an Arabic university, they would get a improved preparation and have improved lives.”

Syrians have also fled to adjacent Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, though distinct Turkey, a widespread denunciation in those countries is Arabic.

“The denunciation separator is an critical problem,” Corabatir, a Ankara researcher, told AP final week. “When one day these people lapse to Syria, there contingency not be a mislaid generation. There will be a need for a era of people able of rebuilding a country.”

Isa, a 19-year-old, hopes to be one of them.

“I wish to be an engineer,” he said. “If a fight ends in Syria, there will be a need for engineers.”


Associated Press writers Mehmet Guzel in Gaziantep, Suzan Fraser in Ankara and Diaa Hadid in Beirut contributed to this report.

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