Tupac’s D-ck Pic is Being Auctioned Off For Big Bucks By His Ex-Girlfriend

December 9, 2017 - photo frame

If we have $7,500, we can be a propitious owners of a very famous peen picture. That’s right, Tupac Shakur’s ex-girlfriend is auctioning off a design of a rapper rockin’ out with his…well, we get a picture.

According to TMZ a print was taken during a 1990 residence party. Apparently Tupac was a lil’ bit of a jokester, and would try to weird out his friends by pulling out his junk. That’s when his partner snapped a photo. She’s vouchsafing go of it after all of these years and offered it to a top bidder. Ah, zero like offered a design of your ex’s penis to give we a small bit of closure and leave we feelin’ all comfortable and hairy inside.

This isn’t a print (you’ll have to bombard out large bucks for that), though like…close enough.

Sure, Tupac was all about “California Love” though we’re not too certain this is what he would have envisioned for his junk. Also, no visualisation though what are we going to do with this photo? Frame it? If we bought something for $7,500 I’d support it. But we digress.

So what have we schooled from this? Well, boys, listen up. Any unsolicited cinema of your junk will outcome in auctioning it off to a top bidder…and how annoying is that? Especially if no one bids…

On a anniversary of Tupac’s death, artist Trina and Love Hip Hop stars Stevie J, Yandy and Karlie Redd remember his legacy.

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