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September 12, 2015 - photo frame

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NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump clarified, arrange of, a long-standing doubt about his celebrity during an coming on Friday’s “Tonight Show.”

Host Jimmy Fallon asked him, playfully, if a billionaire developer and GOP presidential front-runner has ever apologized for anything.

“I entirely cruise apologizing is a good thing,” a famously confident Trump replied before winning a studio audience’s acclaim by adding: “But we have to be WRONG. … we will positively apologize someday in a hopefully apart destiny if I’m ever wrong.”

That’s how it went, with both Fallon and a assembly eating out of his hand.

In what upheld as one of a segment’s some-more critical moments, Fallon asked what Trump was doing on a debate route that his Republicans aren’t to win support from voters.

“I cruise they wish a nation to be reputable again,” Trump said. “I cruise they feel that if I’m president, we will do some good things for a country, and we’re gonna be reputable again…. There’s a transformation going on, and it’s extraordinary to watch.”

Trump’s talk event with Fallon was remarkably identical to a comedy blueprint that had Fallon impersonating Trump, finish with orange wig, as they faced one another on conflicting sides of a design frame, as if one of them were a other’s counterpart image.

In this setting, Trump could be interviewed by a usually chairman he deems estimable of a charge – himself.

“How are we gonna emanate good jobs in this country?” asked Fallon-as-Trump during a exchange.

“I’m usually gonna do it,” Trump replied.

“But how?”

“By doing it. It usually happens!”

“Geeeenius!” exclaimed Fallon-Trump.

During a real, desk-and-sofa interview, Trump common his prophesy as boss for America: “We have to turn abounding again, and we’re going to turn good again.” The throng cheered.

Trump’s guest shot on a NBC uncover was taped usually hours after he tweeted that he had purchased NBC’s half of a Miss Universe Organization, giving him full tenure and completing a divorce begun in Jun when NBC announced it was finale a attribute with a co-investor in a beauty pageants and a horde of a long-running “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

In June, a network had announced it would disjoin ties with Trump since of comments he done about Mexican immigrants during his debate kickoff remarks.

“What’s refreshing,” Fallon told him, “is, you’re off-the-cuff, we get yourself in a lot of difficulty sometimes.

“I cruise we puncture yourself a hole sometimes, a low hole, and afterwards instead of removing out of a hole, we usually puncture deeper. And if we keep digging, eventually we competence come out in China and be a boss of China.”

As a talk drew to a close, Fallon due a new debate strain for Trump to consider. Pressing a pivotal on his MacBook, he brought to life a pulsation anthem by DJ Khaled called “All we Do Is Win.”

“What do we think?” asked Fallon.

“Honestly,” Trump beamed, “it happens to be 100 percent true.”


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