Tree-inspired steel print frame, counterpart set

April 1, 2017 - photo frame

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The MX-H1212-1 indication from Ningbo Yinzhou Minxin consists of a pattern support or mirror, candle holders and wall shelf, all carrying identical bird and bend patterns.

Product Details

Model: MX-H1212-1

Launched / upgraded: December 2016

MOQ: 500 sets

Lead time: 35 days

FOB price: $8

Supplier Profile

Year established: 2002

Export markets: US (60%), EU (20%), Asia (10%)

Export products: Candle holders (50%), wall decorations (30%), print frames (20%)

Annual sales: $1 million

Total staff: 20

Orders: Less than $1,000 are accepted

Ningbo Yinzhou Minxin Arts Crafts Products Fty offers a MX-H1212-1 model, a tree-inspired home taste set stoical of a counterpart or picture frame, wall shelf and dual candle holders. Each square is ornate with relating birds and branches crafted from steel or wood. Colors and pattern are customizable.

The counterpart or support measures 37×1.5×39.5cm while a candle hilt has a distance of 14x13x14cm. The shelf’s dimension is 50.8×11.5x21cm.

Ningbo Yinzhou Minixin’s 3,000sqm bureau manufactures iron and steel housewares such as candle holders, booze racks, lanterns, coffee mugs, hankie holders and home decors.

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