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May 6, 2015 - photo frame

The breeze kick city officials to a punch Tuesday during phenomenon partial of a new “Wish You Were Here” debate directed during highlighting Little Rock’s tourism attractions.

As a light breeze blew by Riverfront Park, it private a black cosmetic piece that lonesome a postcard-themed pointer before Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau member were prepared to announce a designation during a morning news conference.

The pointer — set adult like an dull design support — is positioned in front of a Junction Bridge Pedestrian Walkway so that park visitors can poise behind a pointer for a print with a overpass as a background.

“Greetings from Little Rock,” a tip reads. “Junction Bridge — Wish we were here!”

Two identical postcard signs are placed during other Little Rock attractions nearby a banks of a Arkansas River. One is on a easterly finish of Riverfront Park with a Clinton Presidential Center in a credentials and a other facilities a Big Dam Bridge.

“We have commissioned 3 of these permanent fixtures for residents and visitors to enthuse additional ways to share and suffer their time spent here in Little Rock,” a bureau’s President and Chief Executive Officer Gretchen Hall said.

“We wish these will enthuse people to constraint their Little Rock knowledge and share it with friends and family around amicable media regulating a crush tags #LittleRock and #WishYouWereHere.”

Recommendations from friends and family are still one of a tip reasons convenience travelers revisit opposite cities, Hall added.

Richard Davies, a executive executive of a Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, pronounced people don’t comprehend how different Arkansas is and what all Little Rock has to offer. Trout fishing is 45 mins north, steep sport is 30 mins easterly and plateau are only half an hour away, he said.

“We always contend if we could only get people here one time, we’ll have them. And we can’t tell you, we wish we had a dollar for each time I’ve seen a label or minute or an email from somebody observant about Arkansas or about Little Rock: ‘I had no idea.’ And we only go, good yeah,” Davies said.

In 2014, Arkansas welcomed 26 million visitors who spent $6.7 billion in a state, he said. That equates to $460 million in state and internal taxes paid by visitors.

“If we order that by a race of Arkansas, that’s some-more than $100 per conduct that we all didn’t compensate in taxes since a caller paid it for you,” Davies said.

The Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau orderly Tuesday’s phenomenon of a new signs to commend National Travel and Tourism Week. The business also launched a “Wish You Were Here” debate with a amicable media competition that began May 2.

Every day by Sunday there will be clues given on a agency’s Facebook page — Little Rock, Arkansas — and Twitter comment — @LittleRockCVB — directing people to a Little Rock attraction. The initial chairman to take a selfie during a finish and post it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with a hashtag #WishYouWereHere will be a leader for a day and accept a prize.

Each daily leader will be in a using for a grand value hunt esteem during a finish of a contest.

“Travel is about adventure. It’s about creation memories and carrying lots of fun, though it’s also about formulating American jobs. It’s also about boosting a internal economy and it’s about formulating and augmenting a peculiarity of life for residents and everybody to enjoy,” Hall said. “We wish to enthuse scrutiny of Little Rock.”

Metro on 05/06/2015

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