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April 28, 2016 - photo frame

Many people have during slightest one wall in their home that’s dull and only vagrant to be graced by years of family vacation photos, a collection of random-but-prized art, or (best of all) a multiple of both. Enter a gallery wall — a ideal resolution for displaying all demeanour of framed treasures.

From a facilely curated, organic arrangement of art to a measured-to-perfection grid of photos, gallery walls are everywhere. Many of my clients have some-more than a few inspirational images saved for a day when they’ll finally get around to stuffing their walls, though they event when it comes time to arranging frames and picking adult a hammer. we wish to take a poser and highlight out of formulating your possess gallery wall. With a tiny planning, we can be good on your proceed to your really possess Pinterest-worthy art installation.


You have several options for how to arrange your art and photos. Let’s demeanour during a few styles and when they work best.


A space that is struggling with incompatible seat or miss of change can be offset with an organized, grid-like art or print arrangement. Even when a art pieces themselves are varied, we can emanate a cohesive demeanour by regulating a unchanging support distance and color. we like to work in these layouts as a array of 9 frames (three rows of three). This character is noted by uniformity, so take caring when installing your grid to magnitude a space between any support (the “river”) and keep it consistent.

Jessica Delaney

A space that is struggling with incompatible seat or miss of change can be offset with an organized, grid-like art or print arrangement.

Tip: Save income by shopping standard-sized frames. Invest instead in custom-cut mats. The latter are distant reduction costly and can now lift a collection of inconsistent-sized prints and photos into a cohesive arrangement in uniform support sizes.


This character is best described as a demonstration of art organised building to roof in one statement-making collection. If we have a vast wall or a room though most in a proceed of architectural details, we can now adult a character cause with a salon-style arrangement. we adore it best when it’s a brew of support styles and mediums — photos among prints among canvases. It’s a confidant demeanour and can be a wily and intimidating arrangement to get right. If we preference this look, make certain we start with one to 3 vast “anchor” pieces to build upon. Too many tiny pieces will make your space demeanour cluttered and though purpose. Depending on a distance of your wall, your anchors could be 16-by-20 or larger. Once we have these hung, fill in with an collection of smaller pieces, holding caring to change and change a orientations and colors. Make certain we aren’t too complicated on dim colors to one side and too vertical-frame complicated on a other. Spread it around. Aim for a smallest of 3-inch rivers between pieces, though don’t highlight about carrying them all be accurately a same. This character of art chain is noted by an free “collected over a years” appearance, so don’t be fearful to play it a tiny loose.

Tip: Trace all your frames onto jacket paper, cut them out, and tag with support color, size, and subject. Then play around with a arrangement on a building before we start hammering nails into your wall.


Jessica Delaney

The pivotal to nailing a asymmetrically-balanced character is to brand a wall space we wish to fill and afterwards elucidate a nonplus of what multiple of frames will fill it.


Somewhere between a unity of a grid arrangement and a building to ceiling, free-form vibe of a salon character lies a happy middle of a offset though asymmetrical gallery wall. The pivotal to nailing this character is to brand a wall space we wish to fill and afterwards elucidate a nonplus of what multiple of frames will fill it. For example, if you’re operative with a space over an 84-inch couch, we competence have 60 inches plumb (depending on your roof height) and 84 inches horizontally to fill. There is no right or wrong answer for a multiple of frames that will fill this space. we like to start with my largest square and place it off center. Then we find 3 or 5 frames (always an peculiar number) that, when organised together, take adult roughly a same volume of visible space as a vast square we started with. This is a basement of your arrangement. Depending on a sizes you’ve chosen, we might have room to keep building external or peppers in some smaller sizes.

Tip: If we wish to emanate a tiny some-more coherence with this style, work your arrangement within a proportions of an invisible rectangle. Worry reduction about a rivers between any frame. Focus some-more on carrying a outdoor edges of any one line adult along a corner of your invisible rectangle.


For a joining bashful among us, print ledges — thin-profile shelves meant to accommodate rows of disposition frames — can be a ideal solution. This proceed lends itself to an ever-changing (even seasonal) arrangement of art and photos. Don’t be fearful to layer. Vary a sizes, gripping incomparable pieces to a back. we mostly like to smoke-stack dual ledges, one 23 to 30 inches above a other to concede for incomparable frames, and incorporate a few small, some-more dimensional treasures (think small, disposition starfish from a family vacation).

Tip: This is a good resolution for displaying children’s artwork; it’s low joining and can be substituted out regularly. Supply some inexpensive frames and commission your possess mini art curator.

It’s time to start saying those vacant walls in your home reduction as equipment on an unconstrained to-do list and some-more as an opportunities to emanate truly personal, visible job cards for we and your family. Gallery walls are meant to arrangement things we love, faces that make we happy, and moments that move joy. we promise, a initial spike is a hardest, so get busy.

Dina Holland writes a Ask a Designer mainstay in Address. Submit your questions and conundrums around Instagram by tagging her during @honeyandfitz or regulating a hashtag #honeyandfitzaskthedesigner. You can also e-mail them to

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