Tip about outpost led to detain of jail escapees in San Francisco

January 31, 2016 - photo frame

After a week of SWAT raids and a squad dragnet, it was an mindful citizen who led military to a dual remaining fugitives who pennyless out of an Orange County jail 8 days ago regulating a Google Earth map and a handle done of bed linens.

A citizen flagged down officers nearby San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park only before 9 a.m. Saturday and forked out a parked white outpost that looked like one believed to be stolen by a contingent of inmates during a contemptuous escape, Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens pronounced during a news conference.

The male also pronounced someone who looked like one of a fugitives was in a area.

Police approached and Hossein Nayeri — whom officials have called a many expected designer in a shun — was prisoner after a brief feet chase. Police detected a second fugitive, 20-year-old Jonathan Tieu, stealing in a outpost with ammunition, though no gun, she said.

“I consider we did a vast ‘Whoop!’ in a air,” Hutchens said, describing her fad about a arrests. “No policeman wants to have an escape, generally as dangerous as these people were. My fear was that someone in a village was going to get harm since they unequivocally had zero to remove in my mind.”

A third inmate, Bac Duong, 43, surrendered Friday after walking into an automobile correct emporium in Santa Ana only a few miles from a jail where a contingent had been housed.

The 3 had been available hearing on separate transgression charges, including murder, attempted murder, woe and kidnapping. Duong and Tieu have ties to travel gangs that work in a shadows of Orange County’s abounding Vietnamese community.

Authorities still don’t know a answers to a series of questions about a escape, including how a inmates got a pointy slicing collection to penetrate their approach by jail walls and where they had been stealing during their freedom.

The 3 inmates had been housed together in a vast jail procedure that hold 65 other men, about half of whom were in control on charges for aroused felonies.

In a early morning hours of Jan. 22, a contingent sawed by a steel abrade covering a plumbing tunnel, afterwards crawled by piping to strech a jail’s roof. There, they pushed aside spiny handle and used a handle done of bedsheets to rappel 4 stories to a ground.

Jailers did not comprehend a group were blank for 16 hours.

On Thursday, authorities arrested a lady who taught English during a jail.

Nooshafarin Ravaghi, 44, gave Nayeri a paper duplicate of a Google Earth map that showed an aerial perspective of a whole jail compound, sheriff’s orator Lt. Jeff Hallock said.

She was requisitioned on guess of being an appendage to a transgression and was being hold tentative a justice coming set for Monday. It wasn’t transparent if she had a lawyer.

The day after a escape, Duong responded to a Craig’s List ad for a white GMC outpost and stole it during a exam drive, authorities said. The contingent expected lived in a outpost during their week on a lam.

Saturday’s arrests happened in an area renouned with both tourists and a homeless.

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