TIME’s Latest Cover Photo is a Drone Photo of 958 Drones

May 31, 2018 - photo frame

TIME magazine’s latest emanate is a special report on a fast blast of drones in a culture. For a cover photo, TIME recreated a iconic trademark and red limit regulating 958 bright drones hovering in a sky. It’s a first-ever TIME cover prisoner with a camera drone.

To emanate a photo, TIME partnered with Intel’s Drone Light Show group (which creates pleasing sky displays regulating hundreds of drones during a time) and Astraeus Aerial Cinema Systems to fly and constraint (respectively) a 958 drones above Folsom, California (where Intel has a campus).

The plan was one of a biggest worker shows ever finished in a United States — it’s a arrangement measuring 100 meters (~328 feet) tall:

Here’s a 13-second video in that a camera worker flies by a cover in a air:

And here’s a 4.5-minute behind-the-scenes video arrangement how a one-of-a-kind print fire was done:

The arrangement was indeed filmed with a cinema camera on a Astraeus-flown drone, and a cover print was a still support extracted from a footage.

The cover can be found on a Jun 11, 2018, emanate of TIME, that will strike stands on Jun 1st.

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