Through a Lens: Readers Photo Challenge: More than window dressing

June 27, 2018 - photo frame

“Windows” is a theme of a latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment. Using something in a forehead to support your theme is a compositional technique that’s used mostly in photography. What improved support to use than a window?

Twenty-six readers sent in 96 photos. Many of them went over a apparent and came adult with some-more than small window dressing. Here are some of a tip picks.

Donn Sperry of Stockton returned home from work after sundown on Flag Day, Jun 14. A dwindle that he put adult in his window was backlit from a light inside a house. With a Sony Alpha NEX-7 mirrorless digital camera Sperry photographed a splendid dwindle station out opposite a darker support of a window.

Erv Rifenburg of Lodi went on a fishing outing to a Gulf of Alaska. The skies were rainy, a seas were severe and a fishing was so-so. But he managed to come behind with a good photo. Rifenburg used a Nikon P510 digital point-and-shoot camera to sketch associate fisherman Mike Kosmide by a front window of their charted fishing boat. Kosmide was wearing a splendid yellow sleet slicker, that stood out opposite a neutral colors of a darker interior of a vessel and a gray sky and ocean.

Susan Scott of Stockton photographed a contemplative windows on a UOP Professional Development Building on Mar Lane in Stockton. With a Canon Rebel DSLR camera she prisoner reflections of a surrounding trees with a angles of a window panes suggestive of a firm geometric patterns of a origination by epitome Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

Most people suspicion about photographing houses or other structures for their entries. Janet Baniewich of Stockton did a small out-of-the-box meditative for her photo. While on a revisit to Billings, Montana, she used an Apple iPhone 8 to sketch a mural of her 2-year-old granddaughter Rose Holland as she looked out a window of her playhouse.

Dave Skinner of Stockton prisoner a art of spoil and erosion in his photo. He used a Nikon D7000 DSLR camera to sketch a damaged window mirror on an aged west reproduction building during a Amador County Fairgrounds in Plymouth. Hazy reflections are held on a dirt-covered potion while a cracks make an engaging pattern.

More tip picks can be seen on my blog during and all of a photos can be seen in an online print gallery during A new plea assignment will be released Jul 3.


Contact photographer Clifford Oto during (209) 546-8263 or Follow him during

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