Thrifty and Nifty: 6 artistic uses for design frames

May 11, 2015 - photo frame

With open and summer come longer days, cleaned-out homes and—for many of us—the heated enterprise to redecorate. Be it usually changing out a few accessories, adopting a new paint tone or rearranging furniture, a redecorating bug mostly bites as a continue starts to spin warmer.

One affordable item—that can be found in all shapes, sizes and colors during preservation stores on any given day—to cruise to assistance we accomplish a new demeanour is design frames. Almost each home has a need for design frames. Not usually do they prominence some of a favorite memories, though they strengthen a favorite art and a college diplomas. But they are also an engaging approach to piquancy adult a household’s décor.

Besides a apparent plan of portrayal them to change their look, we can also glue equipment such as flowers or children’s toys to them to adult a singular factor, or we can hang several on a wall with zero inside and let your children change out their artwork as mostly as they would like.

Another fun and careful thought is to use them in nontraditional ways. They can do so most some-more than reason pictures, design and certifications. Here are 6 ideas.

Gallery wall
Who done a order that design frames had to have anything during all in them? Even a organisation of dull frames can be intensely attractive, as is a organisation of a mix: frames with pictures, frames with nontraditional objects such as monograms or family pieces, and dull frames.

Chalkboard or corkboard
A design support can simply turn a corkboard or chalkboard for critical messages, children’s rooms, bureau communication or to document your baby’s milestones. An exuberant support is most some-more appealing than a simple run-of-the-mill circular play sole during big-box retailers.

Jewelry or hair crawl organizer
An dull design support strung with weave or corroborated with duck handle is an ideal place to hang earrings, necklaces and bracelets. It’s also a good place to display your children’s hair bows but squishing them into a box.

Light switch covers
Pretty, elaborate light switch covers are an costly investment if we are shopping one for each opening and switch in your home. But a small design frame, generally if purchased during a preservation store, is most cheaper and arguably some-more interesting than a image cover.

Coffee list frame
A basic, tedious coffee list becomes a one-of-a-kind piece when it is surfaced off with a design frame. And a reasons are some-more than aesthetic. A support helps your tiny one keep tiny toys on a list but them descending to a building or allows we to offer lunch or snacks on a some-more contained surface.

Ceiling medallion
An elaborate design frame, embellished a same tone as your roof or a interrelated color, creates an excellent insignia for a light fixture—at a fragment of a cost. Because a design support weighs most reduction than a normal roof medallion, all you’ll need to install it are some nails and double-stick tape.

Mary Lockhart is a communications coordinator for Chattanooga Goodwill Industries. A self-proclaimed preservation store zealot, she has acquired a sincerely vast design support collection available to be creatively refreshed, repurposed and revamped.

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