This Picture Shows 102 Kite Boarders in One Frame

August 17, 2015 - photo frame


Photographer Casey Mac combined this furious picture by sharpened ~800 photos of kite boarders during California’s Waddell Creek Beach and afterwards consistent a shots together in Photoshop. The print is patrician “Rush Hour.” (Here’s a incomparable version.)

“On this day, we guess around 40 kiteboards filled a ocean,” Mac writes. He set adult his camera on a tripod, set it to time-lapse mode, and shot one print each second.

“They pierce quickly, so 1 second was adequate time to concede copiousness of subdivision between shots, though still keep a cloud positioning mostly a same,” he says.

After about 800 shots over 10 minutes, Mac’s dual 32GB memory cards were filled adult and he headed home for a subsequent step.

Using a multiple of Photoshop and Lightroom, Mac blended a photos onto a vacant canvas. He used elementary covering masks during first, though had to start profitable some-more courtesy to fact after a support began to fill up.


A stand of a image.

A stand of a image.

9 hours of modifying went into masking and selecting a 102 kite boarders seen in a shot.

“Duplicates do exist, and we attempted to space them equally opposite a support so as not to pull a eye to one sold area of a sky,” Mac says. “I did no warping or relocating of any kites and all kites exist where they did during a time a blended shot was taken.”

You can squeeze prints of “Rush Hour” over on Mac’s website.

Image credits: Photographs by Casey Mac and used with permission

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