This design edge saved me from my obsession to gallery walls

August 17, 2017 - photo frame

I am meditative of fixing my initial child Mosslanda.

Mosslanda Ikea Picture Ledge Kuchar doesn’t hurl off a tongue, yet this product is critical adequate to me that we need to respect it in a surpassing way. (Also, this is not me vouchsafing everybody know we am pregnant. Mom, we am not pregnant.)

I had an obsession to gallery walls. “Just one more,” I’d say, as we beaten another ill-fitting spike into my walls—missing a stud, of course.

I’m also a ongoing renter, that means relocating always compulsory gallons of spackle for patching adult holes.

Gallery walls are great—in theory. If we are means to hang a pleasing gallery wall with glorious composition, we am so happy for you—I unequivocally am! we am not that person, though. we unequivocally wanted to be, and until we found a Mosslanda design edge during Ikea, my walls were only a sign of my failure—a disaster that was sprinkled on a walls of scarcely each room of a several apartments we rented over a years.

You see, this design edge is a happy place for people who started reading The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up with a best intentions yet afterwards stopped mid since they couldn’t refrain from balling adult their purify socks, nor could they bear to get absolved of their books. It is hope.

It is a purify slate, literally. It’s a ledge, and we can squeeze as most art onto it as we want, since it has a abyss of 4 34 inches. It comes in dual lengths: 21 34 inches and 45 14 inches. we have both. we take a maximalist proceed to minimalism.

There are dual colors, black and white, yet we suspect we could paint them a tone of your wall if we wish them to “disappear” into it. Sure, fine. Do what we want.

I noise framed posters, family photos, strange works of art, and prints on them. Hell, we even have a pennant unresolved from one. There are tiles, there are mementos. My dog’s Canine Good Citizen certificate sits on a one in a vital room, while a tintype print of us rests on tip of it but interference a words.

I adore a proceed it looks.

I demeanour during these ledges and we see my family, my friends, my hobbies. we feel warm. we am happy.

Never do we demeanour during a ledges and think, “Wow, a spacing between that gold-leaf support with a Beyoncé joke (To forever and Beyoncé) and a marriage print of my grandparents is off. Better get a produce and nails.” It is such a relief.

I have so most art congested onto my ledges and it still looks so clean. The biggest thing? There’s no permanence. When we grow sleepy of one of my husband’s dozens of 311 posters (don’t ask), we only barter them out for something else. It is a adore story. A adore story about peace between my art and my home.

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