This print freezes Glen Rock resources into frame

December 20, 2015 - photo frame

This smashing photo by York Daily Record’s Paul Kuehnel was dictated to uncover what is going on in York County with a recent unseasonably comfortable weather.

It did that well.

But it also freezes in time many Glen Rock’s many lifelike qualities.

The heavily used rail trail, enjoyed by those bicyclists here, follows a aged Northern Central Railroad’s trail by town. That tyrannise indeed is still in use, provision rails for Steam into History’s outing service. The city that’s off a discord of a widespread has a solid tide of tourists enjoying those hills, seen in a background, that approximate it. And residents who live in houses with neat views on those hillsides

Any former production and tyrannise city has old red-brick bureau buildings, in background, and many in Glen Rock are rehabbed and reused.

Glen Rock has a clever clarity of a history, and you’ll find many of a notable buildings bear plaques revelation their stories. A petrify – or make that bronze – instance of this story is a Carolers statue, right, celebrating this strolling rite of early Christmas Day going behind before a Civil War. And of course, a Christmas tree stands high beside it.

And a rehabbed star, out of a support on a hillside, oversees all of this.

One print says so much.

Four other noteworthy, separate story things from all over … .

1. York County’s population, founded largely by Anglo-Saxons in a 1700s, is apropos some-more different in a 2000s. And that’s a good thing. Seventy years ago, York County’s industries boasted about a western European operative men. The county’s race has expanded. Here’s a new notice about a Slovenia Club starting in York, Pa.  “A tiny organisation of us in York are removing together on a infrequent basis.  No impost or unchanging meetings–greet and accommodate and presumably carpool to events in Maryland and during a Embassy in DC.  If interested, greatfully hit Metza Jaksa during 764-6313.”

2. The York County Heritage Trust’s preference to locate a domicile in a aged Met Ed Steam Plant on East Philadelphia Street perceived endless news coverage this week. Blogger Stephen H. Smith tells a story of a aged energy plant.

3. Former Eastern York High School/Penn State/Pittsburgh Steeler Jon Witman bravely told about troubles in his life in new years to a inhabitant audience.


Here’s one way to sequence Judy Wolfman’s new chronological fiction book.

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