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August 22, 2017 - photo frame

If your friends are anything like mine, each singular amicable app that encourages over-sharing is full of becloud obscure photos right now. As it turns out, branch adult a digital wizz to 11 isn’t a biggest approach to constraint a generational event, though luckily, NASA’s got we covered.

A NASA photographer prisoner this implausible obscure photobomb during a prejudiced eclipse. If we demeanour closely, we can see a International Space Station transiting over a front of a sun, only before a moon blocks all out.

Image Source: NASA The International Space Station transits a object during a solar eclipse.

ISS transits over a object aren’t odd and mostly make for glorious photos, though it’s impossibly singular that you’re going to get a sun, moon, and space hire all in one image. The other black dots we can see are sunspots on a aspect of a internal star, not dirt on a lens.

Taking a telephoto picture of a object is challenging, and doubly so when we need a timing to get 3 objects in frame. Pointing an defenceless camera on a finish of a telephoto lens during a object can means so most feverishness buildup that a camera melts and explodes, so photographers have to use special filters to get a image.

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