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July 7, 2016 - photo frame

Canviz framesPaul Szoldra/Tech Insider

There’s your standard, run-of-the-mill digital print frames, and
afterwards there’s Canviz.

Built by ex-Dreamworks employees, a Canviz is a large
digital print support for displaying photos, artwork, and even
charcterised GIFs and videos on your wall, all in many higher
fortitude and in a gorgeous form factor.

The antecedent frames were on arrangement progressing this week during an
eventuality for hardware startup accelerator Make in LA, where Canviz CEO Matt
Waters was pitching investors on his company. He previously

lifted more
than $100,000 on Kickstarter.


“What we need is a one fortitude that is easy, inexpensive,
elementary to use, and is social,” Waters said. “That’s what we’ve
finished with Canviz.”

There are some large differences between Canviz and your average
digital frame, starting with a size. The common frames are
small, though Canviz is 22×14, that puts it in good association with
other paintings that might be on a wall. It’s also wrapped
in either a black or healthy timber frame, and the
arrangement is resigned in a approach that creates design demeanour abounding and
normal, instead of digitized.


The best approach I’d report a display is that it’s similar
to a disproportion between reading a book on an iPad versus
reading one on a Kindle — that puts additional importance on
making the pages of an ebook demeanour accurately like a physical

But maybe a coolest underline of a product are its
wireless capabilities. It’s always connected to a Internet,
where it can be automatic to automatically download your
favorite works from artists on Deviant Art or Flickr, for
example. Or we can set it adult among family members to share
photos opposite frames, maybe even hundreds of miles apart.

It’s all simply tranquil by a smartphone app, that allows
users to fast send photos, videos, and design to a frame
with only a integrate of clicks. It also has a low power
mode, so we can report it to spin a arrangement off at

Here’s a GIF of how it looks to change photos (but keep in mind,
this low fortitude charcterised picture doesn’t unequivocally do a display

Canviz support animated

Waters, who was formerly an animator during Dreamworks, emphasizes
that his loyal idea with a frames is to concede artists like
himself to make income offered art online in a new way.

These days, many artists need to sell and boat earthy artwork
to their fans, though Waters thinks his frames can offer as a much
easier process where fans can squeeze design they wish fast —
with an iTunes-style income indication that allows artists to keep
70% of a profits.

“The reason that we’re doing this isn’t to make money,” Waters
told Tech Insider. “It’s only something we’re unequivocally passionate

He pronounced he was approached by a few investors after a event,
along with a series of people who were meddlesome in buying

Right now, a frames are undergoing a tiny beta contrast phase
— so most people can’t buy one yet.

But Waters says his tiny 5 chairman group is operative on ramping
adult production. The frames should be accessible some time
early subsequent year for around $349.

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