This digital design support creates a ideal Mother’s Day present — here’s how to supplement photos to it anytime, anywhere

April 28, 2018 - photo frame

If your mom is anything like mine, removing her a tool for Mother’s Day (or any other holiday) leads to a march of questions — “Why did we get me this?” and “How does it work?” — and explanations — “I don’t consider we need this.”

In my experience, there’s usually been one difference to this rule: a digital design frame, and this one from Pix-Star sidesteps a biggest problem gadgets in this difficulty have had in a past.

Traditionally, digital frames have indispensable to be manually updated with new cinema on a unchanging basement to be useful. You might not have a event to go to your mom’s residence each month or dual to supplement photos from your final vacation or your kid’s dance recital, so those support would get out of date quickly.

To solve this issue, Pix-Star combined a infrastructure to let we refurbish a frame’s design library over a internet; this approach it can stay adult to date with a latest cinema though anyone carrying to hold it. There are a few ways to get new cinema onto Pix-Star’s frame, and they’re all tied to a giveaway comment we can pointer adult for on Pix-Star’s website.

Signing adult for an comment requires we to enter a sequence series on a behind of a support we bought so a dual are now linked. Once we have a Pix-Star account, you’ll accept an e-mail residence that’s tied to your frame. From now on, if we e-mail photos from your personal e-mail residence to a e-mail residence compared with a Pix-Star frame, they’ll automatically get combined to a frame’s library.

That same Pix-Star comment can related to a Facebook or Instagram comment so we can also supplement cinema from those platforms to the frame’s library. All of this will substantially take an hour or so to set up, though that’s zero compared to a months or years of delight your mom will get out of saying new cinema of her family though carrying to pointer adult for Facebook herself.

The behind of a support binds a tiny remote control and has buttons to finish all tasks though touching a screen.


While Pix-Star’s cloud complement is flattering sophisticated, the support itself is thankfully flattering basic.

It has a 10-inch shade with a fortitude of 800×600, that means cinema will demeanour some-more pixelated adult close, though excellent from opposite a room. It has 4GB of inner storage, though we rarely suggest we supplement some-more via an SD card so we can container it full of cinema over time. The fanciest technical partial of a support is that it has a Wi-Fi chip inside, that is what allows it to bond to a internet to get new photos automatically.

If you’re looking for a techy Mother’s Day present that your mom indeed wants, this support is a good approach to go. You can set it adult forward of time, so all she has to do is block it in and watch new cinema of her family uncover adult on a unchanging basis.

It’s literally a present that keeps on giving.

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Buy a Pix-Star 10.4-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame on Amazon for $159.99

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