This Amazing Contemporary Photography Project Is Devoted Entirely To Cats

October 6, 2014 - photo frame

When Jon Feinstein, co-founder of Humble Arts Foundation, sat down to name his cat-themed photography show, a few titles sprung to mind. “I Got 99 Cat Photos and a Bitch Ain’t One”? “These Cat Photos Will Blow Your Mind and You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next…”? “Henri Kittier Bresson, and a Canon of a Photo Meows”?

Sadly, he went with a milder, reduction punny due — “New Cats in Art Photography” — though thankfully, a delicately curated preference of cat photos didn’t suffer. With over 100 images, illusory by some of a favorite contemporary photographers, a digital muster is an loyalty to a internet age’s mania with all things feline. No pretension. Just cats.


Jamie Campbell, “Saddest Kitten,” 2012

Given a art world’s gusto for adhering a nose adult during low brow trends dear by internet plebeians everywhere, Feinstein’s plan is flattering spectacular. “New Cats” shows off a work of artists like Jill Greenberg, Amy Stein and Madoka Hasegawa, and by giving a fur balls core support for only a moment, Feinstein hopes to route admirers to a photographers’ non-cat specific portraits. We admire a philosophy: we come for a scintillating cat photos, stay for a honestly intriguing aesthetics.

“Why do we adore cats? Why are they one of a many viral entities famous to post Generation X’ers and Millennials? Why are sly musings concurrently click-bait dreams and equally one of a largest causes of amicable media passion and ‘de-friending?'” a exhibition outline muses. “This muster won’t answer any of those questions. Nor will it plan any theories on a impact of cats in a fast changeable contemporary detailed landscape, though it will give we a glance into how cats make their approach into a work some of today’s many severe (and diverse) photographers.”

Behold, a garland of f*cking pleasant cat photos. All a artists’ names are linked, so we can conduct to their websites to see, we know, a non-cat things too.

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