The Nixplay Iris Is a Digital Photo Frame You’ll Buy For Yourself, Not Just Your Grandparents

September 22, 2017 - photo frame

Nixplay Iris

Remember digital imitation frames? You substantially got one for your grandparents behind in 2006, and haven’t given them a second suspicion since. Turns out, they’ve gotten a lot better given then.

The initial thing you’ll notice about a Nixplay Iris is that it indeed looks like a design frame. They sent me a Silver indication to check out, and it looks and feels fantastic, though there are dual other finishes accessible as good to compare your decor.

They all underline an 8″ 1024×768 IPS arrangement (basically like an strange iPad Mini) that sounds a bit low res, though it looks good from some-more than a integrate of feet away. The shade is fronted by potion to demeanour some-more like a genuine design frame, and a backlight adjusts formed on ambient light to make it seem pointed and natural, and not like an additional stress-inducing mechanism screen.

The IPS arrangement looks good from any angle

You supplement photos to a support over a internet, no SD label required. Just record onto Nixplay’s site or app, and we can possibly upload photos into playlists, or bond several accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, and Flickr only for starters) and lift in photos from there. we wish we could set adult involuntary syncing so new photos we upload to these sites would automatically seem on your frame, though it’s not too toilsome to record in periodically.


I have to say, I’ve enjoyed carrying a Iris in my unit a lot some-more than we expected. we take thousands of photos each year, and imitation like, 5 of them. Now, my favorites corkscrew by on a Iris as a days go by, and give me an event to see them when they’d differently stay buried in a photos app on my computer. It’s a high tech tool that comes opposite as decidedly low tech, and that’s a approach it should be.

And yeah, it would still make a good present for your grandparents.

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