The Inside Story Behind That Photo of Donald Trump and Chuck Schumer in a Oval Office

September 7, 2017 - photo frame

unexpected deal between Trump and Congressional Democrats to lift a debt roof for 3 months as partial of a Hurricane Harvey service package would seem to lend faith to Wong’s interpretation.

TIME spoke with Wong about what it took to get a surprising photograph, that also appears to embody White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short. The following talk has been easily edited for length and clarity.

TIME: Tell us about how we done a image.


WONG: We were covering a depart of a President from a South Lawn [of a White House.] We were brought out by a Rose Garden to wait for him to come out from a Oval Office. And when we was out there, we saw by a window that a President was carrying a assembly with Congressional leaders.

I saw Kevin McCarthy, a House Majority Leader, he was sitting in a room. When we saw him, we satisfied a assembly wasn’t over yet. So we hold adult my prolonged potion to try to see either we could get a shot. For a while they were sitting, thereafter we saw [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi mount up, and Kevin McCarthy stood up. So we suspicion a assembly competence be about to finish.

I waited for a small bit, thereafter we saw [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer pass by behind a window. Then, all of a sudden, we saw a President travel into my sight. He talked to Chuck Schumer briefly, and that’s how we got my shot. (Wong after simplified that a design was taken by a White House door, not a window).

In a image, it looks like Trump and Schumer are carrying a confrontation. Was that also your review of a encounter?

It didn’t feel like a fight to me . . . we didn’t know what they were articulate about, though only from their physique language, we consider a Senate Minority Leader was creation a indicate to a President.

What kind of apparatus did we use to get a shot?

I was regulating a 300mm f/2.8 lens, and we had to stand a design utterly a bit, since it’s kind of distant away. we consider what you’re saying is about one sixth of my frame, so it’s a outrageous crop.

Have we suspicion about removing an design from that mark before?

Usually we compensate courtesy to what’s going on [in a Oval Office.] It only so happens that currently there was a assembly going on in there, and it wasn’t finished when we walked out there. Sometimes it’s nothing, though infrequently we competence be means to get something if there’s something going on in a room.

Is there anything else people should know about this photo?

I wasn’t in a room, so we didn’t know what they were articulate about [at a time]. But afterwards, we overheard that when they did a press cackle on Air Force One, a President came out and he talked about a Democratic leaders similar with him about a temporary debt roof [deal.]

So we realized, oh, they had done an agreement in a meeting. That’s how we found out. But to have a Democratic personality and a President in a assembly — it’s not really usual, so we was really propitious that we got that moment.

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