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April 18, 2015 - photo frame

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There contingency be something about blacked-out frames—all a cold kids are doing it. Last year Roger Federer sent a racquet universe abuzz when he went a no-graphics track while violation in what would spin his signature Pro Staff RF97. Every Fed fan and rigging addict had their contend over a imminent frame’s ultimate construction—“It looks like a Blade”—and design—“For a adore of topspin keep it all black!” Now it’s Rafael Nadal’s spin to ramp adult a surmise by going mostly secrecy as he transitions to his new stick.

While Federer’s support had a apparent changes of a bigger face and thicker beam, Rafa’s new hang possesses many subtler alterations. From a distance, and to many infrequent observers, usually a miss of a paint pursuit would apart his stream racquet from a prior model. When reached for criticism about a frame, Babolat gave a customary boiler-plate response:

“Rafael Nadal is now personification with a black racquet. He is contrast a antecedent grown by Babolat, closely with a champion. Of course, he still plays with a connected model. Rafa’s diversion evolves and his apparatus evolves to support him and assistance him keep progressing. Babolat supports a players of a group all year long, by providing them a right apparatus according to how they play and feel during a year, for a best results.”

This is a approaching play given a association still has product on store shelves to move, and doesn’t wish to daunt consumers (and annoy retailers) from helping that means by personification adult an imminent release. However, some-more divulgence sum have emerged true from a bull’s mouth. Nadal has settled that this antecedent has some-more space between a strings, that he believes rewards him with combined spin—an roughly laughable thought—and power.

Indeed if we demeanour closely during still shots of this frame, fewer categorical strings hold any cranky fibre permitting for a wider pattern. (Nadal’s tie-off knots have even switched locations, that for fussy players is indeed a large deal). So while it still has a matching 16×19 settlement of his prior model, there’s some-more intensity transformation of a mains and larger fibre snapback, with a awaiting for extended spin. The combined agility in a honeyed mark of such a settlement competence furnish a additional energy Nadal claims to have found; or it could be that a heightened spin promotes an even faster swing, also a frightful proposition. The downside, as Nadal also noted, is a reduction unenlightened settlement means a alleviation of directional control—a trade-off he seems peaceful to make during this indicate in his career.

Which is all good and good, though from a fan’s viewpoint it still leaves a gaping question:

What support is he personification with?

This is usually conjecture, though there seems to be 3 probable answers.

1. It’s a updated AeroPro
This is a slightest sexy, though many trustworthy option. Going by a company’s three-year racquet cycles, we know we’re due for a new AeroPro in 2016. Just as Babolat revised a new Pure Drive with a denser fibre settlement in an towering honeyed mark for some-more control, a stirring AeroPro could occupy a wider fibre set-up for extended spin. Of all a vital manufacturers, Babolat stays a usually one though some arrange of entrance in a impassioned fibre settlement category. This would be a approach to wail additional spin for a normal actor though going down to 16 cranky strings to infer it. Nadal might have demoed an early chronicle and favourite it so many he wanted to switch right away.

2. It’s Rafa’s AeroPro
It’s an open tip that a racquets we see pros regulating and what we can buy in stores are not equal. That’s because manufacturers have spin clever to note that frames are “endorsed” by players rather than “used” by them as claiming a latter can potentially outcome in a lawsuit. But a thought of regulating a support that is intensely tighten in specs to what their favorite actor swings is appealing to many people. Look no serve than a recognition of Federer’s RF97. Just like with a run-up to that frame, Babolat could use a poser surrounding Nadal’s blacked-out indication to double-down with dual graphic frames: A customary AeroPro with a specs that fan bottom has come to embrace, and a Nadal indication with his some-more perfectionist characteristics. If anybody deserves a signature Babolat, it’s Rafa.

3. It’s a code new line
This is a many intriguing, though slightest expected explanation. Even if it has been altered, Nadal’s support still looks like an AeroPro, and there hasn’t been any speak about a new support in growth from Babolat. That said, if Nadal is looking to make some-more of a poignant racquet switch, that could simply enforce Babolat to invent one. There’s no surer approach to legitimize and popularize a support authorization than by putting a correspondence in a hands of a charismatic tip player. Last year Babolat introduced a Pure Strike, a great-looking support that plays well, though it didn’t have a tangible arm overhanging it, that harm a prospects. And with his longevity always a concern, this might be a final possibility to do that with Nadal’s observable biceps. Just as a Pure Drive no longer needs Andy Roddick as an ambassador, a AeroPro has already cemented a following that would continue to use a support if Nadal were endorsing something else. And that something else would sell like zero else.

Again, I’m usually spit-balling here. I’d adore to hear what everybody else thinks.

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