Ubisoft has expelled new patch records for a racing diversion The Crew, that outline poignant changes and additions to a game.

Ubisoft said that a growth group has been operative “on several changes and updates to balance and repair vital gameplay elements.”

Notable fixes embody improvements to a game’s commune and matchmaking, softened support rate in cockpit view, and several improvements to some of a cars’ doing and speed.

In terms of new content, a patch will supplement a new PvP mode with 10 new marks and new coterie missions.

Here’s a list of a categorical changes that will be practical to The Crew in this subsequent update:

New Content

New PvP mode

  • The new PvP mode is an rejecting competition with 10 new marks available.

New coterie missions

  • Four new coterie missions will be expelled with a patch on Thursday, Feb 12.

Fixes and Updates


  • The discerning commune underline has been improved, and several bugs associated to fasten sessions have been fixed.
  • PvP run improvements
    • Enabled browsing of players after selecting cars.
  • PvP event improvements
    • Matchmaking should now concede players to find some-more players quicker.


  • Fixed a emanate that was causing statistics to arrangement improper information and/or simply reset a data. Previous information will not be restored, though new statistics should not be mislaid anymore.


  • Fixed an emanate associated to unlocking and tracking a swell of certain awards.


  • Fixed an emanate associated to course on challenges.

Frame rate

  • Improved support rate in cockpit view.


  • Fixed an emanate when requesting certain parts.


  • Fixed an emanate associated to a friend’s participation in diversion – their standing will be set to offline when they quit a game.


  • Improvements and tweaking of several cars’ doing and speed.
    • Buggy’s hold has been softened in sequence for it to be means to stand hills as other Raid cars.
    • Fixed a bug where some cars were means to strech an impassioned off-road tip speed in retreat rigging for:
      • Bentley Continental GT
      • Cadillac Escalade
      • Abarth 500
      • Alfa Romeo 4C
      • Hummer H1 Alpha
    • MINI Cooper S in Circuit Spec:
      • Toned down a nitro and hold for MINI Cooper S.
    • Lamborghini Murcielago in Circuit Spec:
      • Grip somewhat softened when regulating nitro.


  • AI function in some missions improved.
  • AI and military automobile function in follow missions improved:
    • Opponent cars are now reduction aggressive, and they try some-more to follow players instead of holding them down.


  • Modifications practical to a attrition on side barriers in sequence to equivocate wall-riding exploit.

Ubisoft will recover a patch on Feb 12. The game’s second DLC pack, a Speed Car Pack, should recover by a finish of a month. For some-more on The Crew, check out GameSpot’s review.